Jessie Shannon Crowned Miss COED November 2009

Congratulations, Jessie Shannon – you’ve just been named Miss COED November 2009! The competition was tough, but after thousands of votes in the first round, Jessie beat out 18 girls to enter the Final Four. In the last round of voting, she topped California stunner Sarah Rae, followed by blonde bombshell Nikki Gray and the ridiculously sexy Shannon Czyz to take the title of Miss COED November 2009.

(click thumbnails to see full image)



    1. Jenny Jamin says:

      She looks like this chick so much.

    2. […] Jessie Shannon is the hottest girl of November – [COED Magazine] […]

    3. ChugsandJugs says:

      […] Foxy babe Jessie Shannon has been crowned Miss COED! (Click here) […]

    4. […] morning I hail a cab at the same corner in the West Village in NYC.  Most…  Jessie Shannon Crowned Miss COED […]

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