Hot Girl Twister Party [52 Photos]

When thinking about the mythical male fantasy that is the slumber party, three things come to mind: pillow fights, girls kissing girls and the most brilliant of games – Twister.  Sure, these things really do happen at slumber parties, but the reality is, the girls are rarely as hot and wear a helluva lot more clothes.   So with that, we say f**k reality! Like pillow fighting and girls kissing, Twister is best played by sexy girls, wearing as few clothes as possible and if there is baby oil and jello involved, all the better.  Thank you Hasbro for this game that ‘ties you up in knots’ and welcome to COED’s Hot Girl Twister Party.

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    1. BRAM IRIANTO says:

      Indonesia, 05 Nopember 2009, Jam : 08.10 WIB

      Seorang pria bisa mencapai kepuasan seks, jika bisa bermain dengan seorang wanita yang pandai bergaya panas di ranjang.


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    14. wes says:

      yes, but can these babes play twister with a gorilla like in Japan?… :)

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