G4 Babe Battle: Eva Amurri vs Olivia Munn

Tonight, G4 fans will be treated to a special treat – actress, Eva Amurri (and her perfect tatas) will be filling in for Attack of the Show regular, Olivia Munn. But after seeing the recent video of Eva stripping off pretty much everything on “Californication,” we’re sure AOTS fans will have their horny geekdom satisfied. But this begs the question, Who’s the sexier G4 babe? To get a jump start on the inevitable debate, we’ve put these two smokeshows head-to-head in a G4 Babe Battle. So, who do you think is the hottest host?

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Eva Amurri vs Olivia Munn



    1. Jake512 says:

      Eva's a beautiful girl and tits aside, there are few women that have the body and personality that Olivia possesses – Olivia FTW!!!

    2. President 4 Life says:

      Munn's willing to do more in the name of comedy. That's what separates her from every other host of that show. She's a natural comedienne. The rest of the co-hosts just come off as stuck up, like Morgan Webb did yesterday.

    3. sliderofdeath says:

      Its not even close. Olivia is smokin

    4. mdr says:

      That Eva chick isn't even cute. If she wasn't so willing to get naked, no one would even notice her. Her boobs are by far her best asset.

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    7. Jun Nam Paik says:

      Eva is cute. Nice body. Superduper teetahs. But Olivia Munn is one of the hottest girls I have ever seen. I would undergo six months of waterboarding if I was allowed to lick her asshole for ten minutes.

    8. President 4 Life says:

      Get help Jun

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    10. Joseph Gats says:

      I know rite… I agree with President 4 life.. help is needed

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    12. raine13 says:

      lol @ Jun …Olivia got it by far mmmmm pie

    13. Nando says:

      Olivia Munn. Absolutely no contest.

    14. says:

      OMG, Eva Amurri is just fugly!….

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    16. RC says:

      You know.. Olivia is NOT the hottest lady I've ever seen. Yep she's pretty and that helps but She puts effort into it and it shows. Hands down Olivia as she's got more then just her looks working to her advantage.

    17. cf says:

      This is a hard one..

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