40 Fantasy Fest FAIL Photos

fantasy fest

At first, hearing about Key West’s Fantasy Fest, which is filled with mostly-naked, body-painted women walking the streets, alcohol flowing like water probably sounds like the best thing on Earth. But you’d be wrong. In fact, it’s just a bunch of saggy, middle-aged swinger-types who look like your mom, with crappy costumes and the smell of piña colda on their breath. To show you what we’re talking about, here are 40 Fantasy Fest FAIL Photos.

If you want to see all the hotties that attend Fantasy Fest instead, just click here!

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    1. Jeff Hurst says:

      I'm very flattered you chose some of my Fantasy Fest pictures(fantasy fest lead, and 12-4) for your FAIL post, can I get any kind of credit for exposing the world to these images, I recently took another couple hundred pics of the fest, some show some horrifying images of naked old people…

    2. Bob Smith says:

      These photos are the best. Young people such as the people representing this magazine are a bunch ass holes. This fantasy fest is for older people. Keep you ass out.

    3. Jack Sprat says:

      I agree with Bob. Coed magazine is a bunch of shit. Keep you asses out of Fantasy Fest. Nobody wants you there.

    4. Jeff says:

      "Fantasy Fest is for older people" Are you out of your fucking mind? And posting under 2 different names is chicken shit. The Fest has become a senior center, no new blood, the same OLD folks, wearing the same tired costumes…

    5. TexGuy says:

      Fantasy Fest is one hell of a party and great time for all sort of people. The one thing that seems to ruin it every year is when all the fucked up, asshole, drunk kids come in acting just like what they are. Funny how you make fun of how others look but are not willing to post your own picture

    6. Jeff says:

      Oh but I do post my own picture you flaming douchebag, I even posted a link to my pictures you lazy fuck. "Fantasy Fest is a great time for all sort of people" except for the guy that got murdered, or the guy killed on his scooter, and oh yea, the girl that got raped twice didnt have a great time, so fuuuuuuck you…

    7. Rich says:

      Fantasy Fest is for an older crowd. However, last year on the two busiest nights the kids took over. Mix young pretty near naked girls, alcohol and young guys and what do you get? The crowd became out of control and ugly after about 10 PM, certainly not fun. On the last night we lasted until about 10 PM then when back to the hotel for several hours of skinney dipping. It was great. We stayed at a high priced, very nice hotel and had one of the best vacations of our lives. Back in the 60's I attended one of the roughest high schools in the Cincinnati area. The things I learned was; watch where you are, know when to leave and a little bit on how to defend yourself. If you go anywhere and the crowd turns ugly smart people know to move on.

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