5 MMA Fighters Who Can Beat Brock Lesnar

Brock-Lesnar- Knockout

Randy Couture couldn’t beat Brock Lesnar. Heath Herring couldn’t beat Brock Lesnar. Frank Mir couldn’t beat him a second time. So, who among the MMA heavyweights can bring down the UFC phenom? Here are five fighters I think stand a good chance against Brock Lesnar’s brutal beatings. 


1. Fedor Emelianenko

Despite having never fought in the UFC, Fedor has beaten Andrei Arlovsky, Tim Sylvia, Mark Coleman, Mirko Cro Cop, and Minotaro Noguiera. Though Fedor would be very outsized, he would at least make it a huge fight. Guess we’ll never see it happen.



2. Antonio Nogueira

Noguiera is the only top heavyweight in the UFC who hasn’t gotten a shot at Lesnar. He would still be greatly outsized, but we might get to see this if Noguiera can win his rematch against Frank Mir.



3. Josh Barnett

Barnett has defeated Antonio Noguiera, Randy Couture (in his prime), and Dan Severn. He is still only 31 and isn’t much smaller than Lesnar (though it could be the ‘roids). If White ever brings him back, this matchup would be right at the top of UFC’s to-do list.



4. Shane Carwin

The undefeated Carwin is actually a better match-up for Lesnar than Antonio Noguiera. He will not be outsized by Lesnar but the best opponent he has ever beat is Gabriel Gonzaga. This could have been too rushed.



5. Todd Duffee

He has only won one undercard in the UFC but it was the fastest knockout in UFC history. He is 6’3″ and 250 pounds and undefeated in MMA. We’ll see if he is really a contender in his fight at UFC 107.



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    1. Georg says:

      no shot. lesner would destroy all these fools.

    2. The Last Emperor says:

      Fedor is the only one on that list with a chance. EVEN at THAT, it is only because he has beaten every other big man he has faced.

      You missed Orlovsy and Bobby Lashley.

    3. Punch Drunk says:

      You are trying to refer to Andrei Arlovski, and he has been knocked out in his last 2 fights.

      Props for the Lashley reference, but he is so inexperienced he makes Lesnar look like a Gracie.

    4. Drago says:

      Todd Duffee looks like Ivan Drago's gay little brother!

    5. Fedor-Shmedor says:

      Stop trying to rim Fedor! He is not as good as everyone thinks. His delay into UFC is b/c he knows he will get his ass kicked by the level of talent.

      Lesnar, even an inexperienced Coors Light drinking Lesnar, would honestly kill Fedor.

    6. No Noguiera says:

      Noguiera should be no where on this list. If you have him on this list, you might as well say BJ Penn should gain 200 lbs and fight Lesnar.

      Herring effectively kicked Noguiera's ass, and he is the biggest waste of white meat since Butterbean.

    7. johnk860 says:

      all effin idiots

    8. Dan says:

      Is Duffee the guy who played the russian in the rocky movie?

    9. rollie waag says:

      i no who can beat brock lesnar but he wont accept the challenge he:s right in the twin cities his name is rollie waag brock would go down in the third round no bull shit now if someone was to present to the pulic he would have to except ego thing if he feel threatened he wont take the challange rollie would in aheart beat

    10. Klausman says:

      Um Rollie dude your dumbass your picking a no name guy to beat possibly one of the greatest fighters ever you should probably be smarter

    11. Jay Hunter says:

      Ha, just found this post. Obviously the title should be called "Who Might Beat Brock Lesnar?" as you included a rookie with 1 fight at the time and Shane Carwin…well he did come the closest. But I'm sure Lesnar will get around to KO/Tapping out whoever's next in line, again and again. I reckon Fedor's asking price has dropped substantially now but I don't know if Dana will ever strike a deal with M1 Global… Can any of these fighters hit harder than Carwin, or will best Lesnar in the clinch? Doubt it, mate.

      Anyway, Happy Brocktober everyone, best of luck to Velasquez :)

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