2009 September - page 2

  • 7 Beers to Try Before You Die

    Whoa, whoa, whoa--you drink Natty Light? Okay, I know, it's freshman year in the dorms, money is a bit tight, and the beer pong championship tourney is just a few days away, but you have to hold yourself to some higher standards from time to time. Don't get me wrong, there's a time and a place for low-grade, bottom of the barrel American light lagers, but these 7 delicious brews will blow your freakin' mind.

  • Top 10 Soon-To-Be Overpaid Athletes

    • Top 10 Soon-To-Be Overpaid AthletesRosa Acosta: Soulja Boy's Sexy Financee • Please Be 18, Please Be 18 • You're Doing It Wrong! • WTF Is Happening Here? • Randy Quaid Mug Shots • Sara Paxton's Great Legs

  • That’s No Way to End a Race [Video]

    When I was in high school, I ran track. I was pretty fast, but the stupid thing was, I actually hated to run. I found no real enjoyment out of it. So I started pole vaulting. And let me say, pole vaulting is awesome. But my mom was nervous that I would get hurt. But I guess she never saw anybody take a face plant like this.

  • Vanessa Raia Is Today’s Daily Snapshot

    Woo-eee! It's been a big day here at COED. Lots of good things going on. So to celebrate a red letter day, let us introduce you to glamour model and all-around super-hottie, Vanessa Raia. In addition to modeling, this half-Italian, half-Native American stunner spends the rest of her time as a realtor. Which is wise, because this woman's so hot, she could sell us a bag of dog crap!

  • College Football 2009 Week 4 Preview: Cheerleader Edition

    After an excellent Week Three that saw the perpetually overrated USC Trojans drop out of the top 10 after falling to an unranked Washington team and an enormous leap by Miami into the nine-slot after slaughtering a talented Georgia Tech team, we look forward to an even better week as conference play opens up across the rest of the college football nation.

  • The Bodacious Babes of BetUS

    We here at COED are constantly scouring for the hottest, sexiest, most mind-blowingly beautiful babes we can find, to deliver to you, dear reader. So when we stumbled on the bodacious babes of BetUS, you can imagine how, um, excited we got! These are some of the hottest models we've seen since the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. Enjoy!

  • World’s Longest Basketball Shot [Video]

    Making videos of trick basketball shots is nothing new. There's a ton of them out there, and they're all pretty freakin' amazing. But they all pale in comparison to this video from Texas A&M. This dude climbs up to the third deck of their stadium, Aggieland, and shoots what has to be the "World's Longest Basketball Shot." Check it...

  • Sasha Cane is Today’s Daily Snapshot

    So we saw this super-hottie, Sasha Cane over on Hollywood Tuna and thought to ourselves, “Hmm, who’s Sasha Cane? This chick’s hot!” So over to the ol’ Google we went. And before we knew it, we were staring at about 15 close-up pictures of her naked. So, it’s confirmed, she’s a porn star, through and through. Hooray!

  • Banksy’s Greatest Graffiti Works

    • 25 Coolest Banksy Graffiti • ’80s Video Dating Montage • Alexa Chung Upskirt Photo!!! OW!!!Director Flips on Actor and Crew • Funniest Rejected Billboards Of All Time • Sperm Bank Girl

  • Super-Sexy Sorority Girl Slumber Party [76 Photos]

    To guys, women are still a complete mystery. Unfortunately, most of the time we focus on the negatives of this, like What the hell does "feeling fat" mean? Rarely, however, do we focus on their secret awesome side - the drunk girl-on-girl kissing, pillow fighting in their underwear side. But today, we're going to highlight one of the best and most mysterious of all

  • Hands-On with NBA 2K10: Preview

    Over the years, I've come to expect a lot from 2K Sports. Their games are always top-notch, ultra-realistic and super-connected to the actual sports the games emulate. So it was no surprise when I strolled into 2K's offices this morning to find the most realistic looking video game I've ever seen: NBA 2K10.

  • Sexy Sorority Slumber Party Girls [PHOTO GALLERY]

    Photos from sexy sorority sleepover sessions.…

  • 7 Ways The Internet Is Ruining Your Life

    Needless to say, the Internet is here to stay. It's integrated into every aspect of life, from keeping in touch with friends to sealing business deals to finding the love of your life. It helps you do your homework, throw a party, figure out how to build a gravity bong - for anything you can think of, the Internet is there. But the Internet is also completely changing who you are. Here are 7 ways the Internet Is Ruining Your Life.

  • USC’s QB Loses Game, Then Parties Hard

    • USC's QB Parties HardCheryl Tweedy Is The Hottest WAG • Britney Spears Credit Card Bill WTF?Border Patrol Cop, Meet Benny Hill Music • Joanna Krupa Arm Bra$125,000 Pool Table

  • Hot Girl Bed Prank [Video]

    We all love hot chicks. I mean, really - everybody loves a hot chick. But one of the best ways to make a hot chick even better is to prank her. Take this hot blondie, for example. She's obviously hot, but after her BF puts a fake head in her bed, she gets 10x better. I swear...

  • Stephanie Rotuna is Today’s Daily Snapshot

    Stephanie Rotuna was a Playboy Cyber Girl (aka: 99-percent chance she is one of the girls in COED’s Playboy Mansion Party photos), and is an established model on the fitness scene. As you will see from her gallery, this self-proclaimed “size 0″ has an erotic Hungarian, Italian look that will make you sweat.

  • Bodypaint Babe Bonanza: American Sport Edition

    As we all know, the Europeans love their body painted babes. (And we love them, too!) It seems like every chance they get, they're stripping down a hot chick to slather her in their team's favorite colors. Here in America, however, this most excellent trend is just catching on. So to help get things rolling, let us present to you, Bodypaint Babe Bonanza: American Sport Edition!

  • “Pandorum” Twitter Giveaway – Win The Gun from The Movie!

    Sci-fi space thriller, "Pandorum," starring Dennis Quaid and Ben Foster, follows two astronauts who awaken on a seemingly abandoned spacecraft. But unfortunately for them, they're not alone. Luckily, that means lots of badass alien killing! And to help promote the film, which opens Friday, Sept. 25, they've given us a prop gun actually used in the movie to giveaway to you!

  • 10 Historic Boxing Comebacks From Retirements

    10 Boxing Comebacks From Retirements • Click If You Want To Feel Insignificant • Hollywood's Hottest ManeatersBlake Lively’s Mesmerizing Cleavage • That's A Big BallMegan Fox's Movie Bombed

  • Grandma Teaches Punk Kid a Lesson

    Remember that kid who freaked out about his WoW account being canceled, and tried to stick a remote up his butt? Well, he's back again, and he's still just as much of a little sh!t head. But this time, his grandma is around to teach this punkass a lesson. Nothing like a giant wooden paddle to introduce someone to the concept of respect.

  • Alicia Puckey is Today’s Daily Snapshot

    Twenty-one-year-old brunette super-stunner, Alicia Puckey is a bikini and glamour model from Vancouver, British Columbia. She's originally from New Zealand, but she's still the second smokin' hot chick we've had on COED, just today! We promise, it's a total coincidence. Come to think of it, we seriously need to take a trip up to BC, ASAP.

  • The Hiroshima of Photobomb Posts [237 Photos!]

    Finally, the art of the photobomb has finally started to come into its own. If you don't know what a photobomb is, it's simply someone (or some thing) in a picture that's not supposed to be there. Many are intentional, many are just coincidence. But they are all f**king hilarious. Which is why we are bringing you the Hiroshima of photobomb posts. Yeah, you can pretty much call it quits on work today.

  • Miss COED: Sonni Pacheco

    As you well know, we feature tons of different girls here on COED. Granted, most of them are smokin' hot models, but that doesn't mean they aren't all different in their own special way. Like brunette super-hottie, here, Sonni Pacheco. Hailing from Vancouver, British Columbia, 21-year-old Sonni just got her start in the modeling industry. How about we give her a warm welcome?

  • 101 Buxom Oktoberfest Beer Babes

    Gentlemen, it's time for Oktoberfest 2009! That means 16 straight days, of beer, babes, beer, fun and beer! Needless to say no other holiday so thoroughly satisfies our greatest desires like this busty babe and beer-filled festival. So grab your clogs, your beer steins, and get ready for 101 Buxom Oktoberfest Beer Babes!

  • How to Survive the Coming Swine Flu Apocalypse

    With the fall right around the corner, its time to prepare for the coming swine flu apocalypse that the media is saying will undoubtedly occur. To help the male population that will have to repopulate the earth after the mass chaos subsides, we here at COED have prepared a guide to help you survive the new plague.

  • 2009 Oktoberfest Babes Photos [PHOTO GALLERY]

    Pics of the hot babes of Oktoberfest .…

  • ABC Shows “Cum” on Primetime Football

    During any live broadcast, there's always a risk that someone will do something outlandish, or just plain NSFW. But after ABC showed multiple close-up shots of these spirited University of Texas fans during the Texas-Texas Tech game, before finally realizing in the 3rd quarter that one of the guys' signs said "I cum orange," we can't say we have any sympathy.

  • Parkour Champ Flips Over Subway Tracks

    Living in New York City, I've often contemplated whether or not I'd be able to jump over the subway tracks, from one platform to the other. But because of fear, or just sheer laziness, I've never attempted this heroic feat. Which is probably good, because even if I did, I'd just look like a pussy next to this guy.

  • Carmella Garcia And The Week That Was: September 12th – 18th

    If you aren’t uncomfortably attracted to exotic super-hottie, Carmella Garcia, you might not be human. Named M…

  • Finally, a Resonable Response to Being “Punked” [Video]

    You know when you think about how you would act in a hypothetical situation? Well, I've often wondered how I'd react to being "punked." And I have a creeping suspicion that I'd freak the hell out. I guess that's why this seems like a perfectly reasonable response...

  • 10 Giant HD Screens Around the World

    10 Giant HD Screens Around the World • Proof Women Can't Drive • Horrifying Torture Devices • Interview With Spike JonzeOrange County Choppers • Playboy's Girl Watcher