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The Gorgeous Girls of G4TV

Nobody covers video games quite like G4. Sure, they have good, all-encompassing content, but what really sets G4 apart from the flock of gaming media is their stable of super hotties they’ve hired to give you the gaming goods. To honor these badass beauties, we’ve put together this collection of The Gorgeous Girls of G4 TV.


Alison Haislip

Twitter ID: alisonhaislip

Blond super-cutie, Alison Haislip is a serious gaming gal from the classy state of New Jersey! She ended up on Attack of the Show after she was discovered while bartending by a G4 exec. So let’s get this straight: Hot, loves video games, and knows how to properly pour a Guinness? Welp, the search is over, fellas. We found The One.



Olivia Munn

Twitter ID: oliviamunn

Queen of all the geek goddesses, Olivia Munn is probably the only thing anyone who doesn’t play tons of video games knows about G4. The Attack of the Show host is the obsession of gamers everywhere, and has recently exploded into the mainstream, having recently appeared in Playboy. And if you ask us, the more Olivia Munn, the better.



Morgan Webb

Before hosting G4’s “X-Play,” brunette beauty, Morgan Webb cut her teeth in the gaming world hosting the podcast, WebbAlert, and also writing a gaming column in FHM called “Tips From the Gaming Goddess.” And with a title like “Gaming Goddess,” it’s no surprise she’s ended up on TV.



Kristen Holt Adams

Cheat! host, Kristin Adams has a serious hot girl resume. While in college at Texas Christian University, Adams (then with the last name, Holt) became a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader. She then made the semi-finals in the first season of American Idol, and was hired as a correspondent for the second season. She’s also appeared as a Stuff Magazine cover girl. It’s just too bad Cheat! has been cut down to a few minute segment – we could stare at miss Adams for hours!



Anna David

Twitter ID: annabdavid

Not your average gamer girl, sexy stunner, Anna David is a journalist that’s written for publications ranging from The Los Angeles Times to Playboy, covering everything from sex and relationship advice to crystal meth and prostitution. Along with her writing, Anna tackles viewers’ sex questions on AOTS‘s “In Your Pants” segment.



Blair Butler

Twitter ID: theblairbutler

Out of all the hotties on this list, Blair Butler is a true nerd. On top of being an “avid” comic book fan, the 31-year-old host of the “Fresh Ink” segment on AOTS, is also a stand-up comic, having appeared on such shows as Comedy Central’s “Premium Blend.” Blair got her start at G4 as head writer for “X-Play,” but soon found herself on the other side of the camera.



Jade Raymond

When it comes to real gaming chops, Jade Raymond is your girl. This smiley stunner broke into the gaming world as a game producer for companies like EA, IBM and Sony Online. Nowadays, in addition to producing kick ass, highly addictive games, she’s interviewing gaming industry insiders, and finding out about the hottest in gaming news. The hottest in gaming girls, however, she’s left to us…



Carissa Walford

Bodacious blond babe, Carissa Walford is the latest smokeshow to infiltrate the G4 arena, as guest host of Attack of the Show. The saucy Aussie has made a name for herself already by performing her AOTS duties almost entirely in a bikini. Which, when you have a practically perfect body, is definitely the best way to go.




    1. James - University o says:

      How is Olivia Munn beating Carissa Walford? My God! They are not even in the same league.

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    3. The Devil says:

      Carissa Walford is overrated, just like most blondes are.

    4. Spelling says:

      dude spelling, it's AOTS not ATOS but I like this article nonetheless props up

    5. J says:

      They forgot one didn't they? Isn't there one more girl who does the FEED?

    6. spinner says:

      Walford was just guest hosting for the week. Not sure I'd include her. I also wish layla kayleigh was still around.

    7. Tony says:

      Now if you included Sara Jean Underwood, who is brand new on the show, and she would be my HUGE favorite!

    8. kiljoy03 says:

      IMO– There is no hotter person on this planet than Olivia Munn..

    9. Sam C. says:

      The missing beauty from the Feed is Layla Kayleigh. What a British beauty! Pick her over O. Mun any day.

    10. Whatever says:

      I have chicks in my office that are hotter than these skanks. The thing they have going for them is they pretend to be into SF and comic books, so you nerds think you can get them. Whatever.

    11. Mike C says:

      @ whatever… please post pictures of your co-workers! it would be nice to see them posing as if they were playing games and reading comics. yes, that would be nice…

    12. C says:

      I think I'm sporting some Sara Jean Underwood right now.

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    14. Davis says:

      Who the f*7^3 is Jade Raymond?

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    16. Langdon says:

      2, maybe 3 of those women have ever touched a video game in their own free time.

    17. Gabe says:

      Yes, they're all hot and into video games and such but the most "real" one to me is Blair. Now there's a chick you can go out with and talk comics, games, etc. without fear of her getting bored.

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