Ridiculously Awesome Trampoline Dunks

I’m a fairly athletic person; however, I’ve never been a good basketball player: during my entire two year stint playing the game in elementary school, I scored a whopping one point. Yes, one. But nothing confirms my complete and total suckitude like seeing someone do a front flip dunk off a damn trampoline.



    1. Immobilien Immobilie says:

      very cool, if you could do that without trampoline>>>NBA!

    2. daazh says:

      no shirt and matching shorts. the ambiguously gay duo!

    3. SlacK says:

      Well, at least you made your free-throw in elementary school…..

    4. John Davis says:

      Wow, that is truly amazing!


    5. Kobe says:

      most of those dunks have been done without the trampoline. Im not impressed

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