Dude Gets His Ass Kicked by a Bike Messenger [Video]

Downstairs from the COED offices is a bike messenger office. And if you know anything about bike messengers, you know that means there are, at all times, about 15 dudes hanging out on the sidewalk who look like they might kick your ass just because they’re bored. They’re rough and tumble – that’s just how they are. Also, they cary 15-lb Kryptonite lock. Which is exactly why you don’t start screaming at them…



    1. Jamee S says:

      I wonder if that dumb kid realizes that smashing someone with

      a chunk of hardened steel is a slightly more serious offense than popping someone in the face with a fist.

      I hope they get him.

    2. Shawn M. Smith says:

      Wow, that dude went off. There's never any reason to hit someone like that unless you feel threatened and from what I can see, it's just some dude annoying a messenger. That kid's a punk.

    3. I have lots of frien says:

      Well first off if you dont know somebody dont judge them, especially because one messenger is having a bad day. Also you cant even tell what went down there, the man from the street could have been threatening the messenger. Thats like saying messengers are sceary people who are going to kick your ass is like saying because you wear a nice suit you are a tight ass snoby prick.

      I have lots of friends whom are messengers and yes they may dress diffrent but they are some of the nicest people I have met in a long time.

      So for the future if you dont know the situation keep your rude judgments too your self because it reflects badly on you.

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    5. Cassie says:

      …and I wonder if the guy who filmed this feels like an asshole. Thanks for being someone who could've helped the situation but, instead, decided to do nothing.

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