Gorgeous Girls Grabbing Boobs

Damn, girls are awesome, aren’t they? I mean, they’re soft, they smell good, and when the get drunk they seem to all start groping each other like they’re at a Caligula party. Like most things with women, we have no idea why they do it. Maybe it’s for attention, maybe it’s just because boobs are freakin’ awesome. But who cares? With pics like these, everybody wins!


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    1. Tiffany says:


    2. Muffin says:

      Too bad most of them are ugly as sin.

    3. Ryan zabor says:

      Wow this is awesome so is this a real magazine you can buy?

    4. James - University o says:

      @ Ryan – We are no longer in print. Only online.

    5. Marcus says:

      This should be an ad for Planned Parenthood and the caption would read "because they might end up like this, end it now!"

    6. nic says:

      because all women want to be whores some just need alcohol

    7. David says:

      @muffin Seriously? ugly?

      Uhm Ok mister perfectionist

      I think they are all hot in their own ways, U my good "man/woman/child/think" have WAY too high of standards

    8. trina says:

      boobies! <3

    9. Kurt Kahle says:

      that is a sin, Satan got a hold of these gurls, but these gurls have distaste, & leaves a bad taste in the mouth.

      These gurls have way too much time on their hands, always thinking about certain things they should not be doing that's why it's a sin, a battle for lust of the eye.

      Plus should not be posting these images on facebook, I will get a group to ban this, I don't care what these perverted guys have in their mind, or what they talk about these gurls, and for liking it, these are not classy guys / classy gurls.


      I used to look at gurls this way, but at least I'm one of the few classy guys that what I see in gurls, sweet, innocent, and for what she has on her mind than her actions, and for what she beleives in as well too.

      I'm not perverted like any other guy in the lust of the eye, I do like gurls, but not those who use their own actions to get what they want in their lost & confusing mind.

      My heart is what I listen to and not of the flesh of my worldly head, I am classy, most valuable, sweet, & generous, most compassionate guy than any guy should be.

      (I got ME & JESUS).

    10. Josh says:

      @ Kurt

      You seem to be somewhat of a COMPLETE fag…

      This is COed so get the hell out of here.

      Thanks, Josh.

      P.S. if you have respect for girls, at least spell it girls and not gurls.

    11. James - University o says:

      @Cam – ditto that.

      @Kurt – relax. this is all in good fun and who does it hurt? Certainly not Jesus. The solution for you is very simple- If you don't like the pics, don't look at them.

    12. Chillax says:


      You need to lighten up. If Jesus doesn't like these, why did he make breasts so attractive? Also, he has his own way of taking care of these girls(or gurls as you call them)-STD's. I think that if Jesus had a problem with this, he would have smote them on the spot. You need to realize that he lived a life of supposed celibacy, so pics like these are what get him through the day. That and his X-ray vision.

    13. Rachel says:

      Let's face it if you can't have fun what's the point. Boobs, Breast, Tits…whatever you want to call them are beautiful and yes women love other women's so there!!! We women want to have fun and some just don't mind showing it :). Go girls!

    14. Cam says:

      I totally agree with Josh… The way I see it, you have a choice whether or not to even look at the pictures. If perverted men (and women) is what we are for looking at this so called perversion, so be it but we have a right to be this way. Sorry to inconvenience you and you’re perfect little world… but this here is the real world; people sin, people lie, people swear, people take the lords name in vain while having unprotected sex before marriage, and people like to see boobies.

      Thank you for the opportunity to put in my two cents.

      P.S. If these women had a problem with it, I really don’t think they’d do this, let alone, let someone capture them on camera.

    15. Pepstar says:

      Wow great website!!

      Kurt Calm down there moral oral I bet his ugly ass wife put all that nonsense in his head. Respect women? Ha if a woman wants respect shell respect herself. But every girl wants attention and being sexy is gonna get them just that. Sinners get what's coming to them right? So why are you trying to be some gay advocate or something? Bottom line if you don't like women touching women why did you click the link? Did your wife walk in while you were trying to sneak a peak? I doubt it cause your a homo but I'm just trying to make sense of the situation. I bet you have a small weiner too. It's called extenze buddy.

      Anyways great pics totally worth the look, if my gf doesn't come through tonight I will surely be masterbating to these images later. So thanks for the material and keep up the good work.

      Follow me on Twitter pepstar09 funny funny stuff.

    16. Mikeya says:

      WTF? Kurt, you bible thumper! This is not Sunday School. You can take your god or jesus or whatever you call it, and shove it up your loose rectal! What are you, 12 years old? None of the girls I’ve ever met are dating such guys that you describe! Most women that I have met prefer to walk with their partner, not on them.

      The people in the photo’s blatantly are doing something of their own interest. You don’t like it? there’s a red X in your top right hand corner of the screen that is screaming for you to press it.
      I like to see women, and if they’re being groped by another woman, that’s basically Win written on top of Awesome!

      Go back to touching your mom while your dad watches you and bates in the corner, you homo-erotic bag of rotting feces.


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