Who Wears the Pants In The Turkoglu Household?

Hedo-Turkoglu-leadLast week, highly coveted Orlando Magic free agent Hedo Turkoglu visited the Portland Trail Blazers, and apparently left the Pacific Northwest after agreeing to a 5-year, $50M deal. Or so they thought.

Over the next 48 hours, Turkoglu backed out of his verbal commitment to Portland and instead agreed upon a five-year, $53M deal with the more Euro-friendly Toronto Raptors organization. But why this sudden change of heart?

Yahoo! Sports sources believe that Hedo’s wife may be the culprit for this blatant reneging of his deal in Portland. Apparently, his wife refused to accompany the talented small forward on his recruiting trip to Portland, sending him alone to make his own decisions.

Upon hearing that he had made an agreement to sign there, she insisted that he choose to sign in a more cosmopolitan city that is littered with European diversity that will provide the couple with a bevy of Turkish shops, restaurants, and fellow inhabitants.

Can you blame a guy for exercising his right to use free agency as an opportunity to move to a city where he’d rather live for five years? No.

But you can blame a guy for agreeing to be a key cog in a team’s quest to build a contender, then backs out of a deal with his tail between his legs, all because his wife stole his manhood and forced him to go to another city (of her liking) that he didn’t even visit on a recruiting trip!?  I think the answer is yes.



    1. josh says:

      haha sounds like a bitter Portland fan to me!

    2. kevin says:


      As a Toronto resident (and Raptors fan) please:

      1. We are a great city….but

      2. Large Turkish population…..we have a lot of cultural areas but the Turks are not one of the more predominant cultures.

      3. He actually is making less money. Take into account the different tax systems and the fact that he is only making $3-$6 million more over five years…..he's losing money.

      The main reason we got him was three fold:

      1. that Marion was holding out and Toronto hasn't has a legitimate three since "Captain Canada" and

      2. we like Euros. Look at the roster over the last few years. Both our PG's are Euros, Barg, Parker may as well have been considered a Euro, Delfino, etc. Raptors treat them well. It's a double edged sword. Much has been said about NA talent not wanting to play in "the great North wasteland".

      3. I know if I told my wife we were moving our entire family to a new town without there being some discussion, homelife would be unpleasant for a very long time.

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    4. Ron Gersh says:

      Dear Jay Wili,

      Speaking from experience, a happy wife is a happy life. When it comes to matters of where to raise your children, what community you should live in, the wife is the ultimate decision maker in any relationship – as it she should be.

      I wonder how good Hedo’s year would be as he is going through a divorce because his wife is miserable in the city they live in.

      In my opinion, if he can make a healthy income in Toronto, and his wife is happy, he will ultimately be happy!!! Basketball and championships although important, many nothing if the other part of your life is falling apart. Remember the James Brown Song:

      “It’s a man’s world, but he is nothing, nothing without a women by his side!!!!”

    5. FAQ says:

      Banu told Hedo that she wanted the children educated in a country that uses the metric system .. like in Turkey .. and she and the children could fly to Istanbul on a direct flight … and that was Toronto, Canada … plain and simple.

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