South Carolina Sheriffs Want to Legalize Marijuana

money-weed-introCalls for the legalization and decriminalization of marijuana grew louder this week, coming from a highly unlikely group: the police. In a 180-degree shift in position, South Carolina Law Enforcement Division agents, along with police chiefs and elected sheriffs from around the state announced their support for the legalization and taxation of marijuana.

“Weed is good.  Weed is right.  Weed works,” said Dorchester County Sheriff B.D. Squire, spokesman for the group. The change comes after calculating how much tax revenue could be produced by legalizing marijuana.

“There was a half-million dollar bust a couple weeks ago in Berkely County,” said state Agriculture Secretary Hugh Weathers, “if that pot was taxed at anything near the rate of tobacco… well that would be about $500 million straight into the state coffers. Can you imagine what kind of income we’d pull in if it was planted on proper farms and not just in little patches in the woods? We wouldn’t be having a ’stimulus’ debate because we wouldn’t need the money.”

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    1. ABOUT TIME says:

      it’s about time…and yet I still have a hard time believing it will actually be legal, or decriminalized anytime soon…there are too many corporate interests clogging up the works. still it gives me some glimmer of hope no matter how faint.

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    3. Shea Brown says:

      The wheels are in motion,mostly from common sense about creating more social justice, and out of economic necessity.

      LEAP,,,Law enforcement against Prohibition, is a forward looking organization everyone who believes in the cause of legalization should look into and join,, it is free.

      Now is the time to begin dialogues,,public dialogues about these legalization issues,,, we should be discussing it every day, with our friends, family, and strangers,, older folks and younger folks, our politicians(let them know that a stance towards legalization is not necessarily political suicide!)

    4. andrew powers says:

      i think marijuana should have been legal many years ago.but sc in the bible belt and i dont think it will ever dout money is driveing this but look at all the axcidents that would be avoided.pot smokers dont drive fast enough to hurt anyone.they pretty much stay home and dont drink.its a law i pray would pass for everyone

    5. AJA says:

      Even the US Gov. motality statistics states marijuana kills zero people a year. prescription drugs and even asprin kills us though! It is a fact that the only reason marijuana/hemp was mage illegal at all was so big business could keep their pockets lined with their products because hemp posed them a huge threat. Medicine and product wise alike.

    6. Smope says:

      You should probably read the original article, you retards. This is from a parody site. This is not real news.

    7. Gorthax says:

      Legalization would be the worst thing to happen to pot since criminalization. The potency would go wayyyy down such as tobacco, the current tax rate for marijuana is $98 per ounce, all employers would instate drug testing and you would fail miserably.

      Why not reform the judicial systems response to marijuana, and leave it alone itself. I dont know about you, but I would prefer my pot stays the same as it has been for years… Strong, good, and mine.

    8. […] South Carolina Sheriffs Want To Legalize Marijuana […]

    9. jeffrey says:

      we need to legalize weed becouse it will stop alot of crime.

    10. Orion says:

      Legalizing marijuna would benifit us in many ways. We'd have mor tourism (money), less crime and less crazy teens. Yes?

      1. clay says:

        thats right

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