The Megan Fox Sex Soundboard


We all know that Megan Fox has said some pretty ridiculous things – things that are so absurd, they’ve actually made her less hot (yes, it’s possible). But instead of focusing on the negative (this time), we’ve put together the Megan Fox Sex Soundboard. So now, any time she says something off-putting, just play one of these little clips and you’ll be back in fantasy land in no time.













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    1. Evsie says:

      How can I download these files?

      I need "It tastes so good" as my text message alert on my phone!

    2. vlad says:

      this is so awesome. thank you.

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    7. Richard Smith says:

      Can you get her to say CHK CHK BOOM

    8. Todd Rehor says:

      You can download the files by digging in the source file, copying the link to the mp3 file, and use WMP to open the URL and save it to your computer.

    9. click says:

      click click click click click click click click click click click ohh yeah that was good

    10. Jenn says:

      Megan Fox has an ugly ass voice. Sounds like a boy who got his balls cut off.

    11. autobotsrollout says:

      Jenn, you would know u probably had your balls cut off.

    12. Subject of your article is very interesting, i have bookmarked it for future referrence

      regards kierdincho

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