210 ‘WTF Were They Thinking’ Tattoos

These days, it seems as though everyone, from your professor to your little sister, has a tattoo. And some of them aren’t half bad. But if the Internet is evidence of anything, there are a hell of a lot more hilariously horrible tattoos out there than anyone would like to admit. So we made it our duty to scour for all the worst pictures the Internet has to off, giving you hundreds of examples of what not to get as your next tat. So get ready for 210 “WTF Were They Thinking?” Tattoos, because this one is gonna hurt.

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bt24bt17Bad Tattoos-16-16

Bad Tattoos-36-36BT01Bad Tattoos-35-35

BT29bt28Bad Tattoos-60-60

Bad Tattoos-103-95Bad Tattoos-212-197tattooo

Bad Tattoos-63-63Bad Tattoos-96-89Bad Tattoos-198-185

Bad Tattoos-1-1Bad Tattoos-2-2Bad Tattoos-3-3

Bad Tattoos-4-4Bad Tattoos-5-5Bad Tattoos-6-6

Bad Tattoos-7-7Bad Tattoos-8-8Bad Tattoos-9-9


Bad Tattoos-10-10Bad Tattoos-11-11Bad Tattoos-12-12

Bad Tattoos-13-13Bad Tattoos-14-14Bad Tattoos-15-15

Bad Tattoos-17-17Bad Tattoos-18-18bt03

Bad Tattoos-19-19Bad Tattoos-20-20Bad Tattoos-21-21

Bad Tattoos-22-22Bad Tattoos-23-23Bad Tattoos-24-24

Bad Tattoos-25-25Bad Tattoos-26-26Bad Tattoos-27-27

Bad Tattoos-28-28Bad Tattoos-29-29bt21

Bad Tattoos-31-31Bad Tattoos-32-32Bad Tattoos-33-33

Bad Tattoos-37-37Bad Tattoos-38-38Bad Tattoos-39-39

Bad Tattoos-40-40Bad Tattoos-41-41Bad Tattoos-42-42

Bad Tattoos-43-43Bad Tattoos-44-44Bad Tattoos-45-45

Bad Tattoos-46-46Bad Tattoos-47-47Bad Tattoos-48-48

Bad Tattoos-49-49Bad Tattoos-50-50Bad Tattoos-51-51

Bad Tattoos-52-52Bad Tattoos-53-53Bad Tattoos-54-54

Bad Tattoos-55-55Bad Tattoos-56-56Bad Tattoos-57-57

Bad Tattoos-58-58Bad Tattoos-59-59Bad Tattoos-34-34

Bad Tattoos-64-64Bad Tattoos-65-65Bad Tattoos-66-66

Bad Tattoos-67-67Bad Tattoos-68-68Bad Tattoos-69-69

Bad Tattoos-70-70Bad Tattoos-71-71Bad Tattoos-72-72

Bad Tattoos-73-73Bad Tattoos-74-74Bad Tattoos-75-75

Bad Tattoos-76-76Bad Tattoos-78-77Bad Tattoos-80-78

Bad Tattoos-81-79Bad Tattoos-82-80Bad Tattoos-83-81

Bad Tattoos-85-82Bad Tattoos-86-83Bad Tattoos-87-84

Bad Tattoos-94-88Bad Tattoos-98-90Bad Tattoos-61-61

Bad Tattoos-99-91Bad Tattoos-100-92Bad Tattoos-101-93

Bad Tattoos-102-94Bad Tattoos-104-96Bad Tattoos-215-199

Bad Tattoos-105-97Bad Tattoos-106-98Bad Tattoos-108-99

Bad Tattoos-109-100Bad Tattoos-110-101Bad Tattoos-111-102

Bad Tattoos-112-103Bad Tattoos-114-104Bad Tattoos-115-105

Bad Tattoos-116-106Bad Tattoos-117-107Bad Tattoos-118-108

Bad Tattoos-120-109Bad Tattoos-121-110Bad Tattoos-122-111

Bad Tattoos-123-112Bad Tattoos-124-113Bad Tattoos-125-114

Bad Tattoos-126-115Bad Tattoos-127-116Bad Tattoos-128-117

Bad Tattoos-129-118Bad Tattoos-130-119Bad Tattoos-131-120

Bad Tattoos-133-121Bad Tattoos-134-122Bad Tattoos-135-123

Bad Tattoos-136-124Bad Tattoos-137-125Bad Tattoos-138-126

Bad Tattoos-139-127Bad Tattoos-140-128Bad Tattoos-141-129

Bad Tattoos-142-130Bad Tattoos-143-131Bad Tattoos-144-132

Bad Tattoos-145-133Bad Tattoos-146-134Bad Tattoos-147-135

Bad Tattoos-148-136Bad Tattoos-149-137Bad Tattoos-150-138

Bad Tattoos-151-139Bad Tattoos-152-140Bad Tattoos-153-141

Bad Tattoos-154-142Bad Tattoos-155-143Bad Tattoos-156-144

Bad Tattoos-157-145Bad Tattoos-158-146Bad Tattoos-159-147

Bad Tattoos-160-148Bad Tattoos-161-149Bad Tattoos-162-150

Bad Tattoos-163-151Bad Tattoos-164-152Bad Tattoos-165-153

Bad Tattoos-167-155Bad Tattoos-168-156Bad Tattoos-169-157

Bad Tattoos-170-158Bad Tattoos-166-154Bad Tattoos-171-159

Bad Tattoos-172-160Bad Tattoos-173-161Bad Tattoos-174-162

Bad Tattoos-175-163Bad Tattoos-176-164Bad Tattoos-177-165

Bad Tattoos-178-166Bad Tattoos-179-167Bad Tattoos-180-168

Bad Tattoos-181-169Bad Tattoos-182-170Bad Tattoos-183-171

Bad Tattoos-184-172Bad Tattoos-185-173Bad Tattoos-186-174

Bad Tattoos-187-175Bad Tattoos-188-176Bad Tattoos-189-177

Bad Tattoos-190-178Bad Tattoos-191-179Bad Tattoos-193-180

Bad Tattoos-194-181Bad Tattoos-195-182Bad Tattoos-196-183

Bad Tattoos-197-184Bad Tattoos-199-186Bad Tattoos-62-62

Bad Tattoos-200-187Bad Tattoos-203-188Bad Tattoos-204-189

Bad Tattoos-205-190Bad Tattoos-206-191Bad Tattoos-207-192

Bad Tattoos-208-193Bad Tattoos-209-194Bad Tattoos-210-195

Bad Tattoos-211-196Bad Tattoos-213-198Bad Tattoos-217-200

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    1. Steve - Seton Hall says:

      i love humanity. some people are so dumb

    2. Nick says:

      I love to imagine these people in an old folks home, showing off their wrinkly cat butthole tattoos to their new friends.

    3. troy says:

      the al bundy tattoo is legit

    4. Gerry says:

      You can see misspelled tattoos here:

    5. Johnny Might says:

      LOL, wow you did find some doozies! LOL


    6. Jeff says:

      That shark head on the guys arm is badass. He got his arm bit off by a shark and got the stump tattoo'd.

    7. shady kawkins says:

      Tattoos CAN be sexy!

    8. Paradoxx says:

      I don't know… shark arm, pac-man ass and "Worst Tattoo Ever" were pretty good.

    9. Adult says:

      The monkey looking into his own asshole made me lol.

      I don't see a problem with the shark tattoo either.


    10. linda day says:

      ya gotta love it. the lesson learned by all this? be SOBER when getting ink!!!!!!!!

    11. Major Ink says:

      dew. check out for some srsly messed up tats and hilarious commentary!!

    12. Major Ink says:


    13. Colin says:

      that ol dirty bastard tattoo is real tight

    14. anonymouse says:

      Dude, a couple of those are actually pretty clever/all right.

      the majority, though, I'd definitely have to agree with on the 'wtf were they thinking' scale.

    15. Real Person says:

      Some of these are pretty bad. However it's still clear that you're lacking a sense of humor and good bit of brains because a lot of them are screamingly funny (the shark on a missing limb), punk as f*ck (the scissors cutting the malformed toes), and some are even artsy (the face on the back of the bald head). But you probably think an actual Celtic swirl just above the butt is a classy tat.

      I'm going to be laughing at all of you in the nursing home.

    16. rachel says:

      A good chunk of these are really well done / not stupid at all.

    17. boomer61 says:

      Just goes to show you that the COED staff are a bunch of idiots, there are some awesome tats here, AND the one of Willie Nelson, is NOT a tattoo, it is a painting on a woman with the beard being her pubic hair, it was done by Aslan. It was also painted a very long time ago.

    18. matt says:

      The first Christopher Walken one is quite good, the second one with the picture next to it, not so much.

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