Greatest WoW Freakout of All-Time [Video]

Picture 1After his mother canceled his World of Warcraft account, this kid freaks out like Jar Jar Binks trying to kick a PCP habit. In fact, he get so insanely pissed, his f**king clothes melt off, and he tries to shove a remote up his ass. Seriously. Fortunately for us, his brother had the wherewithal to quickly sneak a video camera into the kid’s room, capturing the entire frightening scene on tape. Unfortunately for the kid, every girl he knows has now seen his giant WoW vagina.



    1. drewaustin says:

      thats awesome… his brother s a funny dude… and that kid is going to regret that!

    2. Juan says:

      Well, with the trying to stick the remote up his ass. And the part where he goes in and ‘out of the closet’. I guessing he ain’t that worried about those girls seeing that WoW vagina of his…

    3. skoalman says:

      hey thrush shut the fuck up no one cares

    4. Thrush says:


    5. The Remote says:

      Did anyone else see he tryed to analy inject the remote into his ass for a split second, failing miseriably.

    6. Nuwan Perera says:

      That only happens to Alliance players…

    7. Tina says:

      Very funny but it must have hurt him badly. It hurts a lot.


    8. Wayne says:

      It's funnier with Benny Hill theme music:

    9. Juano says:

      Well, he did come out of the closet :)

    10. POLAND BOY says:

      co koleś! pilota sobie wpychał…

    11. mark says:

      Jaja that kid looks like he just got exorcised. DEMONS COME OUT, love makes you do weird things like shove a remote up your butt

    12. Agamemnon says:

      Bump, first page. R O F L C O P T E R

    13. lol says:

      stupid idiots

    14. pdop says:

      Fake. See how his is always centred in on the camera. He never really leaves the area that can be seen.

    15. advertising is wonderful. PSP.

    16. Agamemnon says:

      I wouldn't go as far as to say it's fake. the room is small enough for the camera to sit on in the corner in LOS of the entire room. It's not very big -_-

    17. Justin says:

      hahahahahaha this is the funniest thing i've seen all day. What a wussy man!!, seriously dude get a life!! and he tried to stick the remote up his a**. hahahaha

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