There is a God: Beer Rehydrates Better Than Water (Seriously)


Prepare to have your mind blow: According to a new study, beer hydrates better than water! You heard that right – beer, glorious beer, is better at rehydrating the body than water. This is almost as good as finding out that money does grow on trees or that your uncle didn’t really touch you when you were seven.

But how could this be true, you ask, when the main thing we’ve been told  about the consequences of drinking is that it dehydrates you – the primary source of that pounding headache and wretched nausea? Here’s how:

For months, researchers at Granada University in Spain tested 25 student subjects, who were made to run on a treadmill in 100-degree-plus temperatures until near exhaustion. Afterward, half the group was given water, the other half a pint of Spanish lager. Once the results were in, they found that beer, because of its sugars, salts and carbonation, rehydrated the body “slightly better” than water.

And “slightly better” is all we needed to hear. Thing is, if you overdo it, the effects will be, well, exactly as they’ve always been when you overdo it – you feel like sh*t. (Like that ever stopped you before…)



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    3. Will says:

      Which is why a glass of beer is the best remedy for a hangover.

    4. drewaustin says:

      MyFountain – a godsend for all lazy drunks:

    5. Robin D says:

      this is the greatest news which we beer lovers wanted to hear.

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