Did You Know Your Mom is Having Sexy-Time on Flickr?


If you thought you were the only one in your family posting regrettable pictures on the Internet, then we have some terrible news for you: Your mom is doing it, too! Now, we know we might have gone a little over-the-top with this one, but after coming across hundreds of these pictures on Flickr, we couldn’t help ourselves. So just a little word of warning to our readers: This is not the normal, sexy content you’re used to here on COED. In fact, it’s downright gross. (Though I’m pretty sure a few of you sick bastards are pulling down the shades, right now.)

(Click thumbnail to view full image – if you dare…)

Flickr Moms-17-17Flickr Moms-35-35Flickr Moms-50-50Flickr Moms-39-39

Flickr Moms-15-15Flickr Moms-19-19Flickr Moms-34-34Flickr Moms-11-11

Flickr Moms-29-29Flickr Moms-18-18Flickr Moms-26-26Flickr Moms-28-28

Flickr Moms-6-6Flickr Moms-47-47Flickr Moms-51-51Flickr Moms-2-2

Flickr Moms-23-23Flickr Moms-7-7Flickr Moms-25-25Flickr Moms-20-20

Click here to see 30 more of your Mom’s Flickr photos

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  1. we are adults says:

    WTF get those god damn censor stickers off the pics. This amateur stuff is not meant to be censored its real people and real life

  2. Skane Canyon says:

    Please…PLEASE leave the censor stickers on those pictures!

  3. aaron says:

    no way, take those censors off so I can fap to these milfs!

    1. James - University o says:

      Trust me. It is definitely in everyones best interest for the stickers to stay on.

  4. Mikey V says:

    Bullshit! Id fuck 26 all night long! Then again in the morning.

  5. […] Did You Know Your Mom is Having Sexy-Time on Flickr?- [CoedMagazine] […]

  6. BankofClarity says:

    please leave the stickers on. plz.

  7. ChugsandJugs says:

    […] CoEd: Did you know your mom is having sexy time on Flickr? […]

  8. […] Did You Know Your Mom is Having Sexy-Time on Flickr? […]

  9. testarteman says:

    Stickers bad, mmkay.

  10. […] But you’d be wrong. In fact, it’s just a bunch of saggy, middle-aged swinger-types who look like your mom, with crappy costumes and the smell of piƱa colda on their breath. To show you what we’re […]

  11. Sasha says:

    WebCams galore at the PornMonarch sites. http://pornmonarch.com/

  12. Now that's a sexy mom!

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