Party Pics of Playboy’s Top 10 Party Schools – 2009


Ladies and gentlemen, it’s official – Playboy has released their list of the top 25 best party schools of 2009. And we have to say, this year, they’ve definitely outdone themselves with some of the most party-licious, skin-tastic school in the country making their Top 10. But instead of making you just take our word for it, we’ve compiled party pictures from the Top 10 Party Schools, so you can see what exactly you’ve been missing.



1. University of Miami

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If you’ve ever been to Miami, then it’s no surprise that the University of Miami tops the list of best party schools. First of all, there’s barely any reason to wear clothes, ever, which results in more hot college chicks strutting around in bikinis than any other university. It also means you can easily party all year long. Add in the good sports, great sex and a solid education into the equation and you’re left with the hottest party school on the planet.



2. University of Texas

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Deep in the heart of Texas. I’ll tell ya where I’d like to be “deep in”… a party at UT Austin. Their girls are consistently ranked as the hottest in the nation. You can get a burrito the size of a whale’s penis for less than a four-inch hot dog at Shea and well drink specials normally run about $0.25 a cup. Hot girls + Good Cheap Food + Discounted Liquor. Yeah, that doesn’t add up to mustard-covered threesomes on a mechanical bull.



3. San Diego State University

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Coming in at number three, San Diego State University has all the right ingredients for a great party school: warm weather, hot girls and nearby legal medical marijuana dispensaries. But unless you’re planning on transferring, beware – this place is so sweet, it could suck you in and you’ll never come back. Not that that’s a bad thing…



4. University of Florida

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Everybody knows Gators fans know how to celebrate a win like champs – and by that we mean they go F’ing crazy and drink their asses off. Which, when you’re being judged for your partying prowess is kind of like being born with an IQ of 185, except instead of intellectual power its how many beers you can down before passing out in a trash can.



5. University of Arizona

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Even if everything else about the University of Arizona sucked, this school would still make our list for one reason and one reason only – the girls. For whatever reason, UA attracts the absolute hottest girls from around the country. But the thing is, everything else doesn’t suck. In fact, it’s almost too good to be true.



6. University of Wisconsin – Madison

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Previously ranked Playboy‘s #1 party school in the country, University of Wisconsin-Madison still holds its own as one of the best places to find yourself 10 beers deep. With smart and sexy girls, super cold beer and rabid football fans, there’s really no way to lose.



7. University of Georgia

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According to Playboy, the University of Georgia has, hands down, the hottest sorority girls on the planet. Add to that a ton of great bars and you’ve got yourself one of the countries best party schools. Because really, what else do you need?



8. Louisiana State University

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Long known as a huge party school, LSU does a fantastic job of combining lots of sports fans with lots and lots of liquor to create the perfect storm of sweet Southern partying. Not to mention a swath of super hotties running around all over the place, which certainly helps matters immensely.


9. University of Iowa

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No school does tailgating better than the University of Iowa. With tons of booze-hungry party-goers, hundreds of gallons of beer and the Magic School Bus, which is actually two school buses, one with a stage for live bands on top and another filled endless amounts of kegs. Who needs the game when you’ve got that?


10. West Virginia University

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West Virginia normally gets a pretty bad rap – and it’s usually 100-percent deserved. So it’s nice to see West Virginia University finally getting some praise where it really matters – partying. Needless to say, drinking and football are a big deal in at this school. And WVU combine both for a binge-y good time.



    1. Dave says:

      Um, is it just me or are the guys in the WVU pic kissing?

    2. Chad says:

      yeah man, you didn't hear? that's what guys do in WV for fun…suck each others faces.

    3. Chad says:

      WORST. STATE. EVER! oh by the way, that LSU girl is insanely hot. I wonder if she has fake boobs????? derrrrrr

    4. Chad Is A Douche says:

      F–k you Chad. You couldn't be more wrong about WVU

    5. WTF says:

      Where the hell is ASU????? UA sucks compared to ASU. I mean, if you only get to pick one school in Arizona, duh, ASU.

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    9. Fuck 'Em Bucky says:

      Can't tell if Wisconsin not being number one is a joke or not.

      Florida schools are so pathetic.

      Remember when R. Lee Ermy said the only thing to come from Texas is steers and queers? Yeah, that was true.

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    11. ChugsandJugs says:

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    12. Sundevil says:

      There is no way that UofA tops ASU in anything. We have hotter chicks (playboys and many other lists last year…see for proof), Betther athletics (Sports Illustrated ranked us #1 IN THE COUNTRY) not to mention that they can't beat us in Basketball and it took their football program 4 trys to beat the joke that was Rudy Carpenter. Then there our national championships in Softball and mens and womens indoor and outdoor track (back to back to back). We've got better academics (the most National Merit scholars of any public university)

      Not to mention the fact that isn't this list supposed to be of American Universities? Tucson is in Mexico…aren't they automatically disqualified?

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    15. willybabes says:

      West Virgina is the orgy, fake blood-lust capital, and as parties go that would have to be included in the list.

      man Carlsberg is sending me to Vegas

    16. bcaine says:

      I attend wvu and have a blast here, but that is definatly a picture of two guys making out. wtf.

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    18. Ragin Cajun fan says:

      University of Lafayette should be on here. I had one crazy night down there last night. and let me tell you, it is the place to be. if you're ever down there try stan's downtown or ledgends or the office. you will have a good time trust. Just find some kappa sig boys and you are set!

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