Somali Pirates Ain’t Got Nothin’ On This Booty [Gallery]

We have to admit, we here at COED are pretty F’ing stoked that piracy is coming back into fashion. Sure, they make the high seas a hell of a lot more dangerous and all, but it’s just so rad! Pirates! Yeah!  But no matter how badass these ocean-going Somali thieves may be, they’ve got nothin’ on this batch of super hot pirate booty babes. If these sexy swashbucklers wanted to hold us captive, all they’d have to do is ask.



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    2. Spike Spiegel says:


      -24 looks like a Girl Scout

      -11 looks like comic book character Elektra

      and -3-21 looks like Molotov Cocktease from the Venture Bros.

      Thanks, and have a Granola day!

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