Alexander Ovechkin’s Epic Night At A Strip Club


Alexander Ovechkin is widely regarded at the top star in the NHL.

He was the first overall pick of the NHL Draft and recently signed a thirteen-year contract extension worth $124 million with the Capitals, which he allegedly threw around with no regard at Teazers Rivonia in South Africa whose tag live is, “The Tease Without The Sleaze.”

As you’ll see from what seems to be his Teazers receipt, Ovechkin has a sweet tooth for strippers.

UPDATE: The good men over at have gotten to the bottom of this one, revealing that the receipt is definitely not Ovechkin’s.


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    1. Joey says:

      This article is bull sh!t or the receipt is just generic, one or the other. During the 2006-07 NHL season, Alex didn't miss one game. The Caps had games on March 16th and 18th agains Toronto and Tampa Bay respectively.

    2. Joey says:

      Also, 9000 rand equates to about $900 U.S.

    3. Irwin R. Schuster says:

      I'm not sure I am buying this though. The other guy in the picture is Andrei Markov of the Montreal Canadians. He's a fellow Russian so it isn't out of the question he'd be palling around with Ovie.

      I do want to call shenanigans on the receipt though. March 17, 2007. A quick search shows that Ovie had a game on March 16, 2007 and another on March 18th. one in boston and the other back in DC. Markov's Canadiens had games on March 17th and March 20th.

      Doesn't exactly leave much time to be jetsetting to Johannesburg, now does it?

    4. Irwin R. Schuster says:

      Joey beat me to the punch

    5. bagelbynight says:

      those picture were discuss a lot here in montreal, canada. True, the guy next to him is Markov and they seem to have a good time together. In my blog (in french) I have other pictures of hockey players, most of them are from the montreal canadiens players who were partying last summer in Cancun. Here in Montreal, people say that this is the reason that team went down in january, because the players were too much partying. Also it has been proven that the Kostityn brothers were hanging out with people that were in the mafia and they were partying like hell.

      both links are in french

    6. […] Alexander Ovechkin’s Epic Night At A Strip Club […]

    7. Emily says:

      Seriously…. someone please explain to me how you make the connection between girls fully clothed sitting next to (not on top of) two guys, and a huge stripper bill.

      Picture is from Toronto Film Festival circa September 2006. A club called Muzik at the CNE, VIP lounge.

    8. aaron says:

      u POOR CRAPITAL fans hold that piece of shit in high regard a picture is worth a 1000 words

    9. hannibals says:

      rand is a south african currency and look up that strip club its in south africa its fake. 1200 cad. why would he be there

    10. michael says:

      receipt is dated 3.17.07. He would have been with the Caps and not in Russia.

    11. gobills716 says:

      Clearly not his because the date is 17 March 2007 (the middle of the NHL season) and the currency is not US or canadian dollars, it's Russian Rubles.

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