The 99 Sexiest Ladies of The 80’s

So it turns out that the decade that brought us the Rubic’s cube, parachute pants and breakdancing also had a ton of super hot chicks! And with Friday’s release of the coming-of-age, 80’s-era comedy, Adventureland, the latest flick from the director of Superbad, we decided to celebrate this comedic occasion by putting together the quintessential collection of the 99 Sexiest Ladies of the 80’s! And since a lot of you were only toddlers (or not even born) in the 80’s, this will be like a history lesson in hotness. Enjoy! (And don’t forget to check out our 80’s playlist at the bottom, and the Adventureland trailer!)



    1. Shaggy says:

      Utter fail. No Stephanie Kramer? no Linda Carter? Yet Christie Mcnicol and Nancy Mckeon made it? FAIL>

    2. blau joe says:

      I feel old! I remember admiring all these gals, some of whom I still find very attractive. But oddly enough I also find gals like Jordan Ladd, Cheryl Ladd's daughter, extremely attractive. Perhaps, I am just trying to vicariously relive my youth… LOL

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    4. Mango says:

      What? No Paulina Porizkova? She defined hot in the 80's. This list is awful. Try again.

    5. Editor says:

      @mango – Paulina is in the 2nd hidden image in the middle of the post.

    6. LJ says:

      It's not that I didn't know you were gay. I just didn't realize you were a lesbian. Nancy McKeon? No Charlene Tilton, Victoria Principal, or Tanya Roberts, but Nancy McKeon?

      Hell, Tootie was hotter than she was.

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    11. Samchun says:

      Cindy Crawford was more 90's. Christie Brinkely was the 80's girl.

    12. Nick Rivers says:

      Sorry, but any article that has the words "Sexiest" and "80's" in it, and does NOT have Phoebe Cates (or at least her scene from 'Fast Times') automatically loses points in my book !!

      "Doesn't anyone knock anymore ??"

    13. mk says:

      cher is sexy?? from which angle?

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