Bulletproof Vest FAIL [Video]

Some dangerous activities have some leeway in how totally and completely wrong they can go. Rednecks testing out a bulletproof vest is not one of them. Let’s just say that any time something goes wrong with a bulletproof vest, it’s a very bad thing…



    1. Mandy says:

      Yeppers this is a true deal… My x bf is the one that shot our good friend….. to see how the vest worked…they did try it first before they actually put the vest on…and then Ben put the vest on and he shot him…. The vest was over 10 yrs old that they were using when he got shot…. but at first they did think it went through…but it didnt…we have done some crazy stuff….I think this was the worse one yet sooo far

    2. Andrew - Hunter Coll says:

      Holy crap – what happened to the guy? It looks like his lungs were filling up with blood, when the video cuts out…

    3. Pissed off says:

      Why would you even THINK about using a person's name in a comment about a video like that? Were you there, I THINK NOT! The things people will do to try to get attention.

    4. Scotlon says:

      Ben is my step brother and yeah, that was pretty dumb ha ha..our mom wasn't to pleased since she was the one that had to take him to the hospital after. FOr those of you who believe this to be faked, I can 100% ASSURE you, it's not. It's crappy video and we should have used a higher resolution camera, but all we had were cell phones on us. Anyways, Ben is fine. He was released form the hospital that night and out at the bar afterwards telling everyone what happened ha ha…NO we are not dumbass rednecks, we are just some good ol' boys out to see if the vest really works. I'll think of something better hoss and then we can post it to see how many more hits i get than your vid! Holla.

    5. Ben says:

      Please share some details . . . Did the round penetrate the vest? How far into his chest did it go – Just under the skin I’m assuming? If the vest stopped it, what caused the blood?

      Thanks and BE SAFE.

    6. Brian Potter says:

      My name is Brian and I work for a new TV show called "Beyond Twisted". I'd like to speak with the person who took this video footage. Please contact me at 818 972 8210 or at if you have any information. Thanks!

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