Is This the Worst Year to Graduate College Ever?

college-graduate-moves-homeAs a recent graduate from a university rated “Most Selective” by US News & World Report, Tyler was understandably disappointed when he landed in a cubicle-drone job that barely pays minimum wage — that is, until he was laid off and ended up substitute teaching for even less.

With a double-major in Spanish and psychology and a strong GPA, he thought for sure he was on the fast track to a career in event planning, a field he’d secured a summer internship in, palling around with the stars of CNBC. But with corporations scaling back their parties and conventions (lest they be associated with seamy AIG-style taxpayer-funded beach junkets), Tyler found himself working in loss-prevention for Brookstone for $10.50 an hour. Then he was laid off. Now he’s substitute teaching for $10 an hour.

Tyler isn’t the only one struggling. Read all about why this might be the worst year to graduate college…ever!



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    2. Andy says:

      1936 was definitely worse – the Great Depression, dust bowl, hottest summer since then. 1982 also sucked with the 20% interest rates.

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