The 10 Best Bill Hicks Stand-Up Moments


Today marks the 15th anniversary of the death of comedian Bill Hicks. Known for his vicious, insightful no-holds-barred style, Hicks has posthumously become one of the most popular comedians of all-time. And in these strange, f**ked up days, we miss the funny son-of-a-bitch even more. So to honor the this fallen hero of comedy, we’ve put together our picks for the 10 Best Bill Hicks Stand-Up Moments. We also found a place where you can get t-shirts of Bill Hicks and any of your favorite comedians. Cheers! [Warning: NSFW Language – so put on some headphones.]




Malls, Debbie Gibson, Rick Astley and Hendrix




Positive Drug Story


Suck Satan’s C*ck


Jesus, Rednecks and the Cross




Play From Your Heart




Your Children Aren’t Special




    1. RIPBH says:

      God Bless Bill Hicks- you are loved and missed.

    2. Bill Dicks says:

      Are you out of your fucking mind??? Bill Hicks was a complete jackass and got what was coming.

    3. Editor says:

      RE: Bill Dicks: Please go away and never come back. Have a safe trip.

    4. dankwilly says:

      dude, bill hicks was a fucking genius. he had better jokes come out of his asshole than you’ll have your whole life. retaaaaarrrrrdddddd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    6. Johnnybeyond says:

      Editor and Darkwilly above obviously are just blind haters and have never really listened to the material. They're probably so-called christians, as well. Only fundementalist a**holes who believe every punctuation mark in the bible is accurate would dispute the essential truth of Bill Hicks' routines. The man makes me laugh harder than Carlin did, and that's saying a mega-canadian-buttload.

    7. Editor says:

      RE: Johnnybeyond – WTF?? Which post are you reading? Both myself and dankwilly made comments in support of your statement. Get it together man.

    8. Jackson says:

      The last great stand-up comic. Period.

    9. Goatboy says:

      You don't like Goatboy? Goatboy is hurt by your indifference.

    10. snooch says:

      It`s just a ride

    11. dmsdragon says:

      you are missed Hicks.. to bad you couldnt last to see Arizona Bay!!! this is a comedian who told the truth and made it fuckin hillarious and sometimes painfully true ive been to the opossum pouch of Arkansas.

    12. goatboy says:

      bill hicks the best real comic none of this crap that current comics are doing just total bullshit about how there lifes is going or who they met. fucking hacks. ode to you the late great bill hicks you are jesusallahbudda all rolled into one big fucking joint.

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    17. sb says:

      Bill Hicks rocked! Friggin Genius! we miss you billy

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