Legal Marijuana Coming to California?


The prospect of legal marijuana seems an impossible dream to millions of pot smokers across America. No matter how much evidence exists to the contrary, the drug continues to be vilified by the media, demonized by the religious right and described as a ‘gateway drug’ by politicians and law makers alike. Nobody has ever overdosed on pot, nobody has ever died from it, yet smoking a joint continues to carry the same stigma as shooting heroin and snorting coke in the eyes of the government, and often yields the same punishment.

Since the ‘legalize it’ movement has been going strong for decades with hardly any victories to speak of, whenever anyone talks about legalizing pot, the news needs to be greeted with a healthy amount of skepticism. After all, if the government won’t even acknowledge the usefulness of medical marijuana, how can anyone expect it to understand the joys of regular marijuana?

Enter Tom Ammiano, a Democratic assemblyman from San Fransisco (where else?!). Ammiano is set to introduce a new bill that will — you guessed it — legalize marijuana in the state of California. According to Ammiano’s press secretary, the bill “would remove all penalties in California law on cultivation, transportation, sale, purchase, possession, or use of marijuana, natural THC, or paraphernalia for persons over the age of 21.” Yes please!

Ammiano thinks that now is the time to legalize pot for one glaringly obvious reason that stoners have been in favor of for ages: tax revenues. With California drowning in a $41 billion deficit, Ammiano says that legalizing and taxing pot could produce up to $1 billion in annual tax revenues, and also reduce the state’s bulging prison population.

The only roadblock that this groundbreaking legislation might encounter? The federal government. Under former President Bush, the federal government refused to even acknowledge California’s progressive medical marijuana laws, famously arresting senior citizens for getting high on prescribed pot. Ammiano, however, is hopeful that President Obama will be a bit more progressive. Here’s to hoping. If this thing actually happens, we’re moving the COED offices to California!



    1. […] A Democratic Assemblyman in the state of California has introduced a bill to fully legalize the production, transportation, sale and use of Marijauna in the state.  While conservatives are shocked at the prospect (they apparently ignore all the science supporting the move), the California Department of Revenue is likely salivating at the potential tax revenue.  How much are we talking?  Some experts suggest around $1 Billion in annual taxes, but the final amount is likely a lot higher.  Just think if the government could get their hands on the revenue channel of the world’s most economically productive cash crop?  Arnold Schwarzenegger is likely getting the munchies just reading this… [more at COED Magazine] […]

    2. Charles says:

      It’s about time!

    3. […] what I have read here, a state legislator representing San Francisco, California (not the U. S. House of Representatives) […]

    4. SED says:

      All you alcoholic, wife cheating, money stealin, two face congressmen need to get a reality check and just make it legal!! It's less harmfull than anything your doing rapeing the us people out of millions of tax dollars. This is the same people that say no thats bad for you, no thats not right but in the back of the shop they are sticking money in there pockets by any legal or illegal means they see fit!! Stop being A-HOLES and legalize it!!

    5. Not an idiot says:

      I really hope this happens , California could be the splash big enough to ripple through the world and reform marijuana laws.

    6. stoner says:

      Let's decriminallize it, not legalize it. I don't want it regulated and made by corporations, I actually trust my local guy more then a faceless corporation, they will spray it w/ 1000s of chemicals just like tobacco companies, infact its the tobacco companies that will end up making it, they are all geared up for production. if its decrimminalized, it will not have these huge taxes levied on it by the government, and you would just get a "slap on the wrist" by the government, maybe a 100 dollar fine or something, for simple possession or growing up to a certain amount of plants.

    7. brian says:

      i dont think some people really get it… decriminalization isnt enough… its a frikkin' plant people…. legalization is the only logical move… the american people deserve the right to choose for them selves if they want to smoke pot… weed is less harmfull than alcohol and tobbacco and yet i can go buy as much of those as i have the money for …. i can drown myself in alcohol … but i cant smoke a joint … its time that the american people stand up and speak… we have the constitutional right to change the way our government is run if we dont agree with them and its time to stop the fear and educate the public.

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