Holy Crap! You Can Do This? [Video]

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I’ve seen people light a lot of stupid sh*t on fire, but this one takes the cake. Apparently it’s possible to catch a frozen lake on fire by making a small hole and lighting the methane gas that escapes, like these University of Alaska students do here. And surprise, surprise – it’s a really bad idea.



    1. Bags says:

      Holy crap. That's awesome… the stupid kind of awesome, but awesome nonetheless.

    2. fgnhfjf says:

      What exactly made this a very bad idea? Did anyone get hurt? No? So why are you describing it like someone got put in the hospital because of this? It's because you are a sensationalist idiot.

    3. Johnnyinsnj says:

      They put a butane canister in the ice…you can see it preset in the ice, that's why they stopped it right after it blew out…FAIL, because you lie.

      Rep Joe Wilson

    4. Uncle B says:

      Canadians bottle the damn stuff and heat their Straw Bale R 60 homes with it at -40 C in winter, for free! Americans on the other hand pump good fertile humanure into their lakes streams, rivers and seashores, killing all hope for fish, recreation, and drinking water! (Except for Enlightened San Antonio Tx of course!) instead of bio gassing the same into a foreign oil import reducer! Fvckin dumb aren't they!

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