60 Sexy Steelers Girls

This Sunday, the Pittsburgh Steelers will go head-to-head with the Arizona Cardinals in Super Bowl XLIII to determine who’s the best (or luckiest) team in the NFL. But we noticed one thing lacking on the Pittsburgh’s side – cheerleaders. So we’ve put together this massive collection of super hot Steelers’ fans to help Pitt make up for this obvious shortcoming. Sure, it might not help them win – but it sure helps us give a crap.


















    1. Guy says:

      How do you make a bunch of girls unattractive?

      Put them in steelers shit

    2. Soulpatch Adams says:

      This is weak. I see at least two obvious PhotoShop jobs. Row 5, far left is Elisha Cuthbert. Row 7, second from left is Brooke Banx. The ones with the not-hot chicks are probably real. Lame.

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    4. dtothedee says:

      holy shit, pittsburgh sucks!

    5. Bilbo Baggins says:


    6. Jason says:

      no, everyone knows Dallas is where you find the real ladies

    7. Dan says:

      I didn't know Star Jones was a steelers fan. 9th row far right.

    8. Rob says:

      Hot? You guys need to spend some time in Texas. And that Elizabeth Cuthbert photo with the {fill-in-the-blank} favorite sports team shirt has been passed around more than….Elizabeth herself. Last time I saw it she was a "fan" of Manchester United.

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    11. bmack says:

      not one good looking broad in the bunch

    12. Barnaby says:

      It’s funny that you non-steelers fans took the time to look at all of these girls, AND, on top of that, left a comment. Thanks for visiting! See you in the… oh wait, none of your teams made it… best of luck in the 09 season!

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    14. Joe Sixpack says:

      Yeah, these girls are hot, some are faked, but all of our Lombardi Trophys are real, and one more is on the way. Don't hate cuz your teams suck.

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