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Amber Heard Is Topless…Again!

thumb58In my opinion, Amber Heard is the sexiest young actress in Hollywood. If you need any further proof then kindly take a peek at her recent Miss COED feature…smokin’!!

I know this might sound like blasphemy because Megan Fox is like soooo totally hot on the Internet but ever since Fox spewed verbal diarrhea at the 2009 Golden Globes, I’ve been too repulsed to even look at her pictures.

Back to Amber Heard because she is the new hotness.

Today, Mr. Skin revealed that her new film The Informers is going to be a topless boob-circus and Heard is the ring master, just take a look at her newly leaked NSFW topless screen grabs or watch the video. It turns out this isn’t the first time Heard will strip down for a role. Remember the very NSFW pool sex scene from Alpha Dog?

Now Enjoy…Top 6 Hottest Pic Links On The Web!

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