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Kid Shoots Parents for Taking Away Halo 3


As if violent video games don’t already have a bad enough rap, some dumbass goes and does this:  After having his copy Halo 3 taken away from him, 16-year-old boy-genius Daniel Petric shot both his parents – killing his mother – and ran away with the game. Not only that, but Daniel tried to frame the crime on this father by trying to put the gun in his hand, before fleeing the scene.

Now, I’m not sure if Daniel knew this, but if you want to gaurantee that you’re never going to play video games ever again, it’s by f**king shooting your parents. I don’t know if they have an Xbox in prison, but if they do, something tells me this guy isn’t going to get a turn.

Read the whole story at here!



    1. Danny says:

      Look at ‘im…kids obviously a whack job from the word go…

      Unfortunately, yes, this does mean that EVERY kid that plays video games is a conniving murderer. it only makes sense.

      Not only is there Xbox but free cable tv as well…hmmmmmm…

    2. […] logical thing to do when this happens? Shoot your parents? No, but that’s what he did. Read. (COED) October 11th, 2009 | Tags: GWLTWUT, Links | Category: Entertainment, Women | Leave a […]

    3. WTF? says:

      wow your an idiot Danny. Unless your bein sarcastic, then your still a fucking idiot

    4. nice says:

      that's totally a bull crap!

    5. Zombie says:

      I bet he thought there over shields would last a bit longer? did he beat down, head shot?

    6. Johannus P. Anderson says:

      I would have said energy sword but it does specifically say "shot"

    7. Me says:

      Yeah, just takes one dumb ass to get a knee jerk reaction from everybody else that these games are now "bad". Clearly he had issues but instead we focus on the game as the cause, even in the title of this article, it just says he shot them for taking away the game, not for provocation, or because he was mentally unsound, from the start we're programmed from reading the headline to say, murder because of a video game. And the article doesn't have much to it to change that view, it just gives a synopsis on a very basic level without giving us anything more than the title.

    8. Me says:

      Oh, also I'm betting he used the magnum, DOUBLE KILL.

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