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The Top 15 ‘Jessica Alba Bikini Ass Pose’ Attempts


Two years ago, Jessica Alba revealed to the world the absolute perfect pose – the Alba ass shot. Since then, paparazzi around the world have been trying to duplicate the photo with as many celebrity hotties as possible. Since we’re such big fans, we’ve put together the Top 15 ‘Jessica Alba Bikini Ass Pose’ Attempts. Nothing will ever be as good as the original, but  we can say you’ll never miss summer as much as you’re about to right now.

Check out the Top 15 ‘Jessica Alba Bikini Ass Pose’ Attempts after the break!

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lilo-bikini-assClooney and Crawford in the sunpamela_anderson_beach_pics_8_big

pampita_coke_7_bigBloom and Kerr go toplessDax Shepard And Kristen Bell Kissing On The Beach (US

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