The 7 Funniest Black Men of All Time


With times getting tougher and tougher by the day, it’s important to remember to laugh every once in a while. So while the first black president prepares to take office and get this show back on the road, we thought we’d take a look at COED’s 7 Funniest Black Men of All Time for some comic inspiration.

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[Warning: Language in videos is NSFW, so put in some headphones]


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7. Bill Cosby

Many of you probably only remember Bill Cosby from The Bill Cosby Show, as host of Kids Say the Darndest Things or simply as a Jello salesman. But that’d be like judging Def Leppard entirely on their career after losing a guitar player and a drummer’s arm – it misses all the best stuff.

Originally from North Philly, Cosby got his start in comedy working as a bartender, telling jokes to up his tips. He was soon being booked at bars in Philadelphia and New York, landing a spot at the Gaslight Cafe in 1962. By ’64, he’d toured the entire US and released his first comedy album, Bill Cosby Is a Very Funny Fellow…Right!, which highlights the humor of his childhood rather than focusing on the raunchier sides of life. And while Cosby remains righteous in his promotion of family values, the son-of-a-bitch can still tell a joke.


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6. Robin Harris

Known for his hard-hitting humor and quick put-downs, Robin Harris big-eyed act began developing a mainstream following in 1985. His recurring “Bébé’s Kids” act, based on having to take his girlfriend’s three punkass kids with them on vacation, became his best-known and was scheduled to be made into a movie before Harris died from a heart attack in 1990. In addition to his stand-up performances, Harris debuted his acting career in ghetto-acclaimed, I’m Gonna Git You Sucka and played “Sweet Dick Willy” in Spike Lee’s classic, Do the Right Thing.


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5. Chris Rock

Voted the fifth greatest comedian of all time, Chris Rock is a modern-day comedic powerhouse, with scorching social commentary that cuts straight through the bullsh*t. After a few minor roles in movies like Beverly Hills Cop II, a stint on Saturday Night Live and the success of New Jack City, Rock landed his first HBO special, Big Ass Jokes, which first aired in 1994. Since then, he’s produced five hit HBO specials, had his own television show and stared in scores of movies.


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4. Eddie Murphy

Despite coming out with some real pieces of crap movies later in life, Eddie Murphy is one of the most talented comedians of all time. From his early stand-ups like Delirious and Raw to his swath of movies like Trading Places, Beverly Hills Cop and Coming to America, Eddie Murphy’s ability to rip apart people from all walks of life while still being gut-bustingly hilarious has made him one of the most copied comedians in history. And he’s currently ranked as the highest grossing film star in history, with 33 films grossing a total of $3.4 billion just in the U.S.


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3. Dave Chappelle

Before fame (and a $50 million contract) made him lose his mind and run off to Africa, Dave Chappelle was on the fast track to becoming one of the biggest stars on television. By the second season “The Chappelle Show” took off, making him the funniest man in America, and causing every single person you know to run around saying “I’m Rick James, bitch!” every 10 f**king seconds. Thanks, Dave…


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2. Redd Fox

Best known for his role on the television series Sanford and Son, Redd Fox is a godfather of modern comedy, with what was considered one of the raunchiest stand-up acts of his day. The subversive topics and language changed how people viewed stand-up comedy, and came to pave the way for later greats like Richard Pryor, Eddie Murphy, Dave Chappelle and Chris Rock.


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1. Richard Pryor

Laugh Messiah, The One, the Godfather of Comedy – this guy did it all, from writing to acting to his imfamous stand-up acts, Richard Pryor was what we call a “comedic genius”. And if you haven’t ever heard his stand-up acts, take the time to study them. Listen closely, and you’ll probably hear every joke any commedian’s told in the past 25 years. His storytelling style and liberal use of vulgar language and racial epiphets are so integrated with modern comedy, it’s hard to imagine how there were jokes before this guy got on a stage.




    1. kenny says:

      Why the fuck was Katt Williams left off this list?

    2. maximosis says:

      Great Job As a Black Man I couldnt agree more what makes this more awsome is that i didnt see one black face at the coed offices you guys know your shit!!!!

    3. maximosis says:

      Kenny Katt williams is not on the list because he is not one of the funniest. I admit he is funny but he has a Formula that will expire in the next few months. the rest of these guys are IMMORTAL!!!

    4. Grizwald says:

      Did anyone else notice Jesse Jackson in the Richard Pryor clip at 2:36??

    5. Johnny says:

      No Bernie Mac?

    6. Angry_Boy says:

      Agree with the list but where the hell is Paul Mooney? He's probably the most underrated comics out there. He wrote a lot of Richard Pryor's material, from stand-up to his SNL episode, he's the man behind the pryor-chevy "name association" skit, and the #2 influence behind pryor for murphy, chappelle, and rock.

    7. killagreenz says:

      where's chris tucker?

    8. Editor says:

      Good call Angry Boy- had the list been a Top 10'er, Paul Mooney would definitely be on the list. As for killagreenz' call for Chris Tucker- CT is a one trick pony who's one trick was funny yes, but list worthy, no.

    9. FuckTucker says:

      Chris Tucker? Are you fucking KIDDING?! Dude suuuuucks.

    10. Jarvy says:

      Fuck Richard Prior. He was not funny.

    11. braintrust3 says:

      Good call on Robin Harris…Dude is always left out

    12. Masteradept says:

      People who want Chris Tucker, Katt Williams and don't know or like Richard Pryor have to be under the age of 30 IMO. Paul is funny but not top 7, top 10 yes. Robin is always missed since most non black people only know him from movies and their brief exposure. Redd was so ahead of his time back in 1976, talking shit like Eddie would almost ten years later.

    13. Jazzy says:

      No Bernie Mac?

      I am glad to see Red Foxx, he is funny as hell!

    14. Alex says:

      Paul Mooney is the greatest black comedian ever. His stand up specials are amazing and the fact that the dude just sits on his chair and tells shit like a bedtime story. That is the shit. Chappelle knows it.

    15. nana says:

      You missed Paul Mooney… He wrote a lot of of Richards jokes actually.. so no they don't know their stuff, sorry.

    16. ED says:

      Your forgot Bernie Mac and George Wallace. With D L Hughley coming on his way up.

      Also with honorable mentions of Sammy Davis Junior and Rudy Ray Moore. Neither were all that funny but were inspiration to other and future performers.

    17. UCCF says:

      I think if you asked most comedians, they'd put Cosby at the top of this list. Check the documentary "Comedian" – the reverence with which Seinfeld and others talk about Cosby shows what a true icon the man is within the profession.

    18. Bunny says:

      Don't you mean the funniest American black men?

      Try some Lenny Henry. Everything from Chef! to his standup. Anyone familiar with his work would put him at number one.

    19. Lady Di says:

      List is ok to me. I'm reading Black Comedians on Black Comedy which is hella good on the inside stuff we'd not know if not for the book. A documentary is being worked on as well. EXCELLENT!!

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