Weekly DVD Drop: Hellboy II: The Golden Army

The Week In Re-Boob: November 4th - 9thThe Week In Re-Boob: November 4th - 9th
Tori Praver is Today's Daily SnapshotTori Praver is Today's Daily Snapshot


Well it’s another week and probably a good time to rent something that isn’t a new release.  The most noteworthy release coming out this week appears to be Hellboy II and just like the first Hellboy movie I seemed to miss this one when it was out in theaters (hey, movies cost a lot of money now and I have to be selective). 

I went to Wikipedia to try and figure out what went on in this movie but I honestly couldn’t figure it out.  I either am not that smart or I just don’t care enough about this movie but I couldn’t keep up.  I was able to figure out that this character is based on a comic book character, so for you comic book geeks out there I am sure you will be all over this flick. Or not. Who knows?

And really – with Quantum of Solace coming out this Friday, you don’t need to rent a movie.  Just hit up your local theater and check out the 22nd Bond film.

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