Colt McCoy’s Girlfriend Rachel Glandorf Uncovered

If you were watching the Missouri vs Texas game on Saturday, chances are you saw the blonde beauty sitting next to Colt McCoy‘s dad every time the cameras cut to him in the stands.

Turns out she’s Colt McCoy’s girlfriend, Rachel Glandorf – and after a little investigative research, COED’s uncovered the details.

Twenty-one year-old Rachel Glandorf is an Arizona-native, who grew-up in Peoria.

In high school at Vail Christian High School in Edwards, Colorado, this 6-foot blond beauty was an all-conference and all-state selection in basketball and volleyball her sophomore, junior and senior seasons and an academic all-state selection and member of the honor roll.

Now a senior at Baylor University, which is conveniently situated about 90 miles north of UT-Austin, she majoring in athletic training.

Rachel is also a star on the Baylor track team, running hurdles and most recently placing fifth place at the Dr Pepper Invitational.

When she isn’t hitting the books or burning up the track, Rachel works as a sports reporter for CBS affiliate KEYE42. Wanna see her in action? Check out these videos we turned up of her hosting Long Horn Practice Report and Texas Longhorn Fan Appreciation Day… hmmm I wonder where they met?



    1. Shaun says:

      Nice words but the research is a bit off. Notice in her track bio that she went to Vail Christian in Vail, Colorado (pretty sure she didnt grow up in AZ)and she runs 400 hurdles not mid-distance

    2. Derek says:

      those pictures dont do her justice. this girl is smoke. model material for sure at 6 feet.

    3. justin says:

      NO WONDER COLT'S DOMINATING!!!!!!!!!!! I would too if i had her!!!!!!!!!

    4. chad says:

      i'm pretty sure her school bio says grew up in arizona went to HS in colordo – maybe i'm just a fuckin retard

    5. Brain says:

      She's safe in Baylor.

    6. yomama says:

      Born in Los Angeles, went to HS in Colorado – hometown listed as Peoria, AZ. My guess is her parents moved to AZ after she graduated High School. WTF is so hard to comprehend here?

    7. Mike says:

      After watching his post-game "handshake" with Chase Daniel, I'm guessing she's a beard.

    8. major says:

      she's been tainted. twice.

    9. Jonathan says:

      Why are people arguing about where she went to school or grew up? Is this debate practice or what .. who cares – she's smokin hot!

    10. Sampson says:

      Do you think Mr. McCoy made it out with his watch? From the view of the guy sitting behind him to the right .. he has his eyes on it!! Too funny!

    11. VCHSSaintAlum says:

      Eh. I went to high school with her. Trust me, a) not THAT hot, she's well, she's pretty fake… b) some of the guys she dated, well, let's just say she didn't pick winners . and c) her family, her dad was the principal, and her brother was on the basketball team might be the goofiest kid alive. And not like good goofy, like really really awkward plays video games semi-professionally… Good luck with the family YA'LL.

    12. rachel says:

      i thought colt was dating a pi phi at texas tech?

    13. Danny says:

      relax, dude just wants to know what time it is. The GF is alright…not worth getting worked up over. I wouldn't kick her outta my bed though.

    14. Collin says:

      She's all right. There are way hotter girls at UT Colt and you couldn't find ONE? Again not saying she not cute but there are better.

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    16. FriendofRachel' says:

      To VCHSSaintAlum:

      a) You must be blind..she's gorgeous. You probably thought she was fake cuz she was nice to you when you didn't deserve it…everyone here loves her cuz she's not the typical "baylor beauty" she's genuine. b) Who cares who she dated in high school. It's high school c'mon c) Who cares what her dad does and what her bro is like. Sounds like you have some issues (jealousy) with this fam. Grow up.

    17. Zachary says:

      I'm with you man, what the fuck does it matter that her brother plays too many video games–like most every male, ages 4 to 35 (when they have a chance)–that he's goofy or that her Dad's the freakin' principal. If anything, that lays testament to her character, as everyone how difficult it is to attend any school, especially high school, that one of your parents happens to be the principal of. That's hard on anyone and makes for any easy target, at least it does for complete jack asses, who spend most of their time bashing fellow schoolmates and calling the best looking girls in school fake throughout high school, while doing so only within their own, small social circles that usually consist of 3 or less underclassmen. Anyone who loves adores women can tell that Rachel is an incredibly gorgeous, classic beauty and that good ol' boy, Colt McColt had got himself a keeper. And what someone else said about him having far better options on the Texas campus… Yeah, we've definitely got lots of young beauties around here–amazing scenery, in fact–but if anything, that says much more about Rachel's unique, desirous qualities than it does about Colt's supposed inability to find a girl in the ATX. Because, as anyone not harboring ill will over insecurity-infused jealous and futile envy would gladly admit, McCoy could undoubtedly take his pick of any girl found on the UT campus, if not throughout the great state of Texas. He is, like many UT quarterbacks before him, a Texas icon. And I'll end by saying, his girlfriend is much better better looking than Romo's. That's for sure.

    18. Andy says:

      I know Rachel and i know it sounds impossible but this girl is the most beautiful girl on the inside and out. Everyone i know, loves her. Not to mention she is way hotter in person. None of those pictures do her justice. I’m sure the folks at abc will find her this week against A&M so america will get to really see this beauty…someplace else besides the internet!

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    20. […] Aggies Thursday night and once again, Colt McCoy’s Girlfriend Rachel Glandorf destroyed us. As we broke back in October, this 21 year-old smokeshow runs track at Baylor and has become quite the camera magnet at Darrell […]

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