The 52 Best Natural Breasts of All-Time

If you haven’t noticed, we here at COED love women. We couldn’t live without them – neither could you. Another thing you might not have noticed is that October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Since we much prefer the lovely ladies of the world happy, healthy and whole, we thought we’d help out.

In addition to donating, what’s a better way to help celebrate this important month than by sorting through all the greatest sweater kittens from history to bring you the 52 Best Natural Breasts of All-Time? Answer: There isn’t one.

Click thumbnail to view full gallery… Oh, and don’t forget to vote at the end!

Who do you think has the best breasts of all-time?


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    1. Magnus says:

      Any post about the 52 best breasts is a winner in my book. Nice.

    2. Wright says:

      I'd hammer any of them. Very Nice list

    3. andy says:

      What about Jennifer Connelly?? Ever seen The Hot Spot?

    4. MReilly says:

      Ummm, they're actually 104 breasts, thank you.

    5. Marc says:

      Jessica Hahn had implants for her second Playboy spread.

    6. Mongo says:

      Aria Giovanni… hands down.

    7. Joe Hooters says:

      WTF i clicked on 75% of these pics (took that long huh) & i saw not 1 exposed bood or nipple for that matter how can we judge boobs when there covered up … i need to see them exposed & covered up … i just hate false advertising of boobs!! there should be a law ….

    8. Nick says:

      Ummm…. that's 102 breasts

    9. arseface says:

      There are definitely some fake boobs in here. Rosario Dawson's look waaay fake in Alexander. Lindsey Lohan's appeared pretty much overnight. Joan Severance definitely had implants. And I have my doubts over Jessica Biel's – they just don't fit her frame like, say, Lucy Pinder's or Kelly Brook's. Ah, boobs.

    10. Dan says:

      Are you insane?! No Mimi Rogers or Jennifer Connelly? There is no list without those two!!!

    11. Chuck Roast says:

      Virginia Madsen

      this article sure needs to be better researched.

    12. arseface says:

      Thinking about it, any bone-skinny fashion model with large, shapely breasts is cause for implant suspicion, so I'd agree that Heidi Klum's are fake along with Giselle's, Bar's and Marisa's. Looking at Diora Baird, you'd think a rack like that would have to be fake on a skinny girl like that but they certainly move like real titties in Wedding Crashers.

    13. Don says:

      Where's Peach ??

    14. Jason says:

      doesn’t Angelina have implants?

    15. allnatural says:

      All of them are real. Just because a model is skinny doesn't mean she can't have big boobs. That's THE REASON THEY ARE SUPERMODELS. They're genetic anomalies. Heidi's, Giselle's Marissa's and Bar's breasts are ALL REAL. So are Angelina's. If you've spent any time whatsoever with real boobs, you can tell this just by looking at them.(Not to mention Marissa was in Perfect 10 and they only include "real" models.)

      It's not how big they are, it's how they move.

    16. mcdaffy says:

      where is emily scott?…maybe here titties aren't real, i dunno? but…who cares? avril lavigne has a nice package as well…anyway

    17. Chad O says:

      Not bad except hardly none of the links match the pictures!!! Wow, Raquel Welch nude on thumbnail….click…Raquel in a frigging dress. Gee, how bout maybe linking to the pics shown!

    18. Bozo says:

      Bardot's first name is … Brigitte … and she has my vote.

    19. Doug in Omaha says:

      Where’s Shania Twain?

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