Bikini Car Wash Girls

I hate to say it, gentlemen, but summer is over. The leaves are changing and a cold wind is blowing in – and that means all the bootylicious sidewalk eye-candy is about to go into hibernation for the winter, or at least turn into sweater kittens.

To properly pay homage to the warm months of 2008, we’ve turned to one of the best parts of summer – the bikini car wash. From the original, ground-breaking scene in the late Paul Newman’s classic Cool Hand Luke to the hot neighbor you saw washing her new car last week, sexy girls getting wet, soapy and almost naked will forever have a place in our hearts.



    1. james says:

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    2. marshall says:

      Next time wash my car…i just want a good clean fun cleaning my dirty car…Soap it up…GGGGOOODDD~~!!!!

    3. Erik Hammond says:

      If you liked this, you should see these vids:

      "Meet the Twins" is my fave.

    4. Tina says:

      Where can I get them to wash my car?


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