The USC Trojan Cheerleaders

Tonight, the USC Trojans will start their quest for their seventh conference title, opening their PAC-10 schedule against the Oregon State Beavers. And while were psyched about the game, of course what we’re really happy about is all the hot USC cheerleaders! We’ve put together a ton of photos of sexy spirit-peddlers to get you amped up for the game. But be careful, with all these hot student bodies to oogle, you might miss the game entirely.

(click each thumbnail to see the full sized image)



    1. Snead says:

      Hey, you snuck a Gamecock in there! 'Cocks always bust Trojans.

    2. bleh says:

      A good chunk of those aren't even the Song girls, they're just students/fans. And a couple are from the SI photoshoot. Not that any of you care…just saying….

    3. BIGDOG says:

      Half your links are fucked you cockgobbler

    4. Avalon says:

      Generally I'm for Oregon Ducks, but this time Trojans win

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