The Ass-ential Nastia Liukin

The perfect weapon–vicious talent, inhuman flexibility, super hotness–Anastasia “Nastia” Valeryevna Liukin reigns as star of the 2008 US women’s gymnastics team at the Beijing Summer Games.

With nine World Championship medals already in the bag–and a fresh Olympic gold, which she earned Thursday night in the women’s gymnastics overall competition–this 18-year-old comes from an immaculate pedigree, her father winning Olympic gold at the ‘88 Games on the horizontal bars for the Soviets, her mother a World Champion rhythmic Russian gymnast.

And on top of all those skills is a blond bombshell that makes us wish we were chalk boys…or something. But were not, so we did what we do best–a wall of split-rific pics of the all around awesomeness that is Nastia Liukin. And now, The Ass-ential Nastia Liukin.



    1. Pat says:

      she is so hot

    2. Tony says:

      She does smile…..

    3. Joe says:

      shes cute but she got a five-head

    4. Ed says:

      Most beautiful girl on earth.

    5. Jim McDish says:

      Wow dude she is a real hottie that is for sure. I would certainly tap that!

      JT http://www.FireMe.To/udi

    6. chem says:

      She's a butter face.

    7. jason says:

      She's in the movie Stick It. If you like chicks in leotards, you should see that movie.

    8. Teebo says:

      How dare you objectify these girls who worked hard to get in the Olympics!

      just Kidding. Now I don't feel so bad checking out these shiny commie red derriers on my high def set.

    9. Ed says:

      Anyone that thinks she's a butterface has no idea what they're talking about. As I said before she is the most beautiful girl on earth.

    10. John says:

      Shes got a pretty fast, but by no means hot.

    11. PK says:

      She looks like average Russian girl. Same as Kurnikova. Nothing hot – every girl in Moscow looks "hot" like this. If someone want to see really hot girls – visit Kiev (Ukraine) or St. Pterburg (Russia).

    12. to the above retards says:

      Kiddy soft Porn
      Can you spell JAIL. Those girls are under 18.
      If you have those pictures in your computer and somehow your computer get's are going to jail baby.
      You better focus on other body parts when looking at a 16 year old.

      perverts !!!!

    13. uh says:

      actually nastia is 18, not 16, you retard.

    14. Rene says:

      Hot? WTF! This chick has a big ass fucking forehead…just look at that fucking thing…its HUGE…..nasty looking nose and no body!

    15. to above fucktard says:

      Nastia Liukin is 18 dumbass

    16. snyggast says:

      ^^ Internet virgins LOL
      Her dad will stare them virgins down to tears.

    17. adam says:

      Anyone else notice that this girl has one big fat muff?

    18. Gee says:

      I'll do her

    19. Murphy says:

      Her hairline looks line the one of Robocop.

    20. Michael says:

      She has the sheer determination and passion of a world class athlete. It's nice to see you boil her down to another throw away set of boyhood voyeuristic photographs.

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