The Ass-ential Alicia Sacramone

Despite her tragic falls last night in the fight for the gold against the uber-jail-bait Chinese gymnastics team (who won), 20-year-old Alicia Sacramone is still our favorite high-flying hottie. She’s cute as can be, and fills out the spandex better than any other gymnast in Beijing this year–maybe ever. Oh, and did we mention that she’s a total badass?

To properly honor this flexible hottie, we’ve put together the one-stop-shop for all the Sacramone sexiness this side of the Great Wall with The Ass-ential Alicia Sacramone. Maybe the US team came in second yesterday, but Alicia and her bodacious butt have already earned their gold.



    1. will says:

      she is so damn hot. shame they dnt get points for looks in the olympics. to bad she messed up. x

    2. crunchy says:

      How old is this chick??? I can never tell with Gymnasts. They all look twelve.

    3. Hairy Carrot says:

      She's 20 but doesn't look it. I wouldn't want to piss her off, though. What a muscular set of shoulders and neck meat! She's a definite 9! She'd be a 10 if her dad owned a liquor store.

    4. BarSmartDotCom says:

      She's 20. Read the freaking article crunchy!

      And yeah I'm glad you guys put this page up. I noticed her last night and just thought, yeah she's not doing her best, but holy crap was she fun to watch.

    5. Giovanni says:

      i love this girl…. she soooo hoooot…. im in love!!!! Alicia I love You!!! damn shes unbelievable i love the way she moves… jst to let yall know i never get like this but damn shes hot.. anyone has her number?

    6. Giovanni says:

      i want to marry this girl!

    7. Bagger says:

      Can you imagine what you can do with someone that flexable. OH MAN.

    8. C says:

      Too bad her skills last night were broke ass…

    9. Ed says:

      Nastia Liukin is much prettier.

    10. T. L. Coyote says:

      Yeah, she's pretty for a gymnast … when so many look like sawed-off fire hydrants like M.L. Retton et al. Still, once this chick quits gymnastics she's gonna get even thicker, so enjoy her now. And FYI, after dating a ballerina for a bit back in the day, flexibility is a very fun thang.

    11. mark says:

      i like the way it is!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    12. Scott says:

      I am in love. Will she marry me? She is perfect. Possibly the most beautiful women ever!

    13. Chad says:

      She is RIDICULOUSLY hot. This is a great site, man thanks for puttin these pics on.

    14. Mike Monroe says:

      Her real name is HorseNeck McGee. The neck that is bigger than her head is a deal breaker for me.

    15. josh says:

      crunchy: just checked wikipedia, she's 12

    16. Phynix says:

      Don't worry guys, few more years and she'll be too old for gymnastics and then playboy will come calling….damn it wish playboy would come calling yesterday!

    17. Hugh G Rection says:

      Natia Liukin is even hotter. Greatest ass and legs on the planet. Looks like she's triple jointed to, and could probably do some real fun things with that flexibility.

    18. Blame China says:

      That first picture isn't Alicia(she didn't make it to the Olympics that year), its former jailbait Gold medalist turn pop singer Carly Patterson

      More pictures(plus the one above) of Carly <a href="http://www.jamd.com/search?assettype=g&assetid=51192947&text=Carly+Patterson+Athens+2004/&quot; rel="nofollow">here

    19. bryan says:

      josh…they said during the team finals that she's 20…

    20. gloria says:


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