West Virginia Mountaineers Party Photos



    1. Brent says:

      I WANNA know how you get the pictures and just why the ones you posted for WVU SUCK!!!!!!! i'm a senior at WVU and i've seen WAY WAY better pictures. Pictures equivalent to some of the other schools if not BETTER!!!

      I'm very disappointed in how you make wvu look, BAD!

      PLease make us look better than that hideous girl in the pictures posted!?


      Let's Go Mountaineersssssss

    2. Sundevil says:

      HAHAHA how hilarious is it that the main picture for WVU has two DUDES kissing on it? LMAO that really explains a lot…

    3. TrojansRule says:

      WVU's pic has 2 dudes making out. WTF.

    4. TrojansRule says:

      And another has a dude wearing a bikini? WTF. WVU party pics are a gigantic failure. WVU looks like a school for sword fighting.

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