A Chat With WWE Diva And Playboy Covergirl Maria


She’s made Ric Flair fall face first with a kiss, she has an irresistible smile, she cancan take body slams, and most importantly she loves babies and puppies. She’s none other then WWE Diva turned Playboy Covergirl, Maria Kanellis.

Maria won wrestling fans hearts with her ditzy personality (don’t let it fool you), long legs, green doe eyes that melt even the coldest heart, and her gestures of blowing kisses to the crowd. Maria was kind enough to take time out of her busy schedule to talk to COED about everything from wrestling, life, and Barry Manilow?!

COED: Growing up you were a fan, what Divas were your favorite?
Maria: I always liked Lita because she had her thong hanging out. Just kidding. She was very powerful and strong, and different. She just didn’t care. And Trish of course, because she was a gorgeous fitness model who could also get it done in the ring.

COED: Does it hurt when you’re being slammed?
Maria: Oh yeah, definitely. It definitely hurts. I’ve gotten a couple of injuries. I busted open a lip not too long ago. I busted open my nose. I broke my thumb. Right now I think I have two broken ribs.

COED: Do you enjoy the skits you do, like the whole series with Santino Marella?
Maria: Oh definitely. He was an amazing person to work with. He made me laugh and we had a lot of fun.

COED: I heard he hates babies and puppies.
Maria: Babies and puppies, yes. I heard that as well.

COED: How about the legends, do you talk with them?
Maria: Definitely. Ric Flair was still there. We just Mae Young (former Women’s Champion) there last Monday and I had a long talk with her about the history of women’s wrestling in general.
COED: Were you inspired at all by Miss Elizabeth?
Maria: When I first came in she was one of my biggest inspirations. Because she was a valet and she stood by her man. I really appreciated that. I still do to this day. She wasn’t really a wrestler and now my inspirations kind of change here and there. But definitely Miss Elizabeth was an inspiration she’s one of the first Divas.

COED: What about Missy Hyatt?
Maria: I don’t think I’ve met her.

COED: What about Sensational Sherri?
Maria: I definitely met her and its unfortunate she’s no longer with us. I met her at the Hall of Fame, not this year but last year, and got to talk with her. I’m glad she’s part of our Hall of Fame.

COED: What are your plans outside of pro wrestling?
Maria: Oh Gosh. Definitely WWE is the most important thing to me. Women’s Championship is what I want the most. Beyond that, movies, maybe something musically, I hope to have my own fashion line someday. There’s a lot of things I’m interested in doing.

COED: What kind of music would you be doing?
Maria: I can’t really disclose. It’s a little bit of something that’s in the works though.

COED: What kind of music do you like?
Maria: I love Rock music.

COED: What are your favorites?
Maria: I have several. AFI is one of them. I listen to OAR. I listen to anything from the Misfits to Rancid to Tim Armstrong. The Tossers are on my ipod. I have everything Gavin DeGraw to Gavin Rossdale from Bush to Live to…

COED: Slayer?
Maria: Slayer not so much. But, I listen to a little bit of everything.

COED: Even Barry Manilow?
Maria: Barry Manilow’s somewhere on there. And Barry White, ‘Can’t get enough of your love, babe’.
Unfortunately, Maria had other affairs to attend to that day and had to leave, we thank her for taking the time to talk with us, and wish her luck on the trail to the Women’s Championship. If you want to see one of Maria’s finest moments click below. Now if we can only get her into Slayer…


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    1. Jesse says:

      So do you plan to have a singing career?

    2. Steven Millan says:

      Now that she's on Smackdown,it would be really funny if Maria replaced Vickie Guerrero as Smackdown's new General Manager(and had Vickie immediately booted from the wrestling venue).

      Maria as Smackdown's new General Manager:Hmmmmmmm….

    3. cody says:


    4. yash says:

      hey wanna chat a little bit do you have msn or yahooo babe

    5. micky says:

      If Maria was so good she mite think of makeing me her man

    6. robert says:

      kelly kelly send back your hot i would kill my self for you

    7. chris says:

      i think maria is so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 she is gonna be the next womens champion i bet you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    8. Shammen says:

      Mickie james is sooooooooooo sexy i would give up anything for her.if shes smart shed make me her husband.

    9. Shammen says:

      Mickie james is sooooooooooo sexy i would give up anything for her.if shes smart shed make me her husband!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    10. Shammen says:

      Mickie james is sooooooooooo sexy i would give up anything for goin to name da kid jamiia

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    12. ryan says:

      hey kelly kelly

    13. Mrarthritis7 says:

      i always WWE on cable TV and i am a big wrestler fan ever since i was just a kid

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    18. micheal says:

      she is very hot
      i want to do it with her

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