The Kooks Interview – Send Us Your Questions!

the-kooks-resize.jpgNext week COED will be sitting down with The Kooks and we want to have them answer YOUR questions!

In the comment section below, submit as many questions for the band as you like, and come back next week for the answers.

We really will try to have them answer as many as possible.

Listen to The Kooks latest single “Sway”, and watch music videos for “She Moves In Her Own Way” and “Naive” if your in the mood for a solid throwback.



    1. T man says:

      where did you come up with the name "Kooks?"

    2. T man says:

      what was it like to open up for the Rolling Stones?

    3. Alan says:

      will you be releasing Sway as a single and can we expect a music video?

    4. Liz says:

      I'd love to know what they listen to now – not necessarily their influences but if i went to their ipod, what would they have played last? I heard about the kooks in a dance club in London a year or so ago when i came to England to see incubus… the kooks are a great band. I would probably ask them what their favorite foods are and the weirdest place they've ever slept.

    5. Tony7 says:

      this is BS! You guys booked your summer concert schedule with European dates. when will we get to see you guys in America?

    6. Andrew Geller says:

      Are they coming out with a new album, and are they playing anytime soon near ny?

    7. TOM says:

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    8. Anna says:

      Is Daniel permanently in the group?

    9. L says:

      just curious…when will the answers be posted to our questions?!?

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