Vagina-Bong: US Patent #7122000


“That bong doesn’t look anything like a vagina,” you might be thinking right now. And you couldn’t be more right. But that’s because it’s not supposed to look like a vagina. You’re supposed to stick it in one to use it.

Let’s let the patent do the talking:

The lower end cooperates with the wall of the vagina to form a water reservoir holding water in the lower end and the vagina. A stem is received into the inlet port with an end opening submerged in the water reservoir. Suction applied at the exit port draws air through the stem to bubble through the water reservoir to generate stimulatory vibrations transmitted to the vagina. Optionally, a bowl holding combustible material communicates with the stem such that smoke bubbles through the water reservoir to simultaneously filter and cool the smoke and generate stimulatory vibrations.

I’ve never heard so many euphemism for smoking weed out of someone’s p***y, but it still sounds kind of, er, hot…

Though the product is not in wide production, the patent describes it as a “water pipe for providing female sexual stimulation while smoking combustible material.” I don’t know about anyone else, but keeping “combustible material” away from my crotch is definitely one of my daily goals. But whatever tickles your uterus fancy, I suppose.

Would you use the vagina-bong?

UPDATE: Thanks to the comments, we now have video! Obviously VERY NSFW, but I wouldn’t exactly call it a vagina-bong.

(Image source: Patently Silly)



    1. Erik says:

      Okay, so, this is pretty weird. But innovative. And yes, I think I would try it. BUT, not with just any girl…you know what I'm saying?

    2. Fart Jammer says:

      I think the designer of this bong has just single handedly invented a new kind of porn.

    3. eli says: a dork porn dream machine.

    4. TOO LATE says:

      This came out in 'Bong Water Butt Babes' a long time ago. Real raunchy porn flick. Most inventions are stolen then patented anyway.

      Google the vid check it out.

    5. nathan says:

      Not a new kind of porn at all:

    6. secuono says:

      So now we are spreading cancer from smoking to a part of the body no one would ever have thought of as possible? WTF?! This is stupid…men and their 'inventions'…good Lord…

      1. hemanwomanhater says:

        you're a stupid bitch. men have made any and everything important to society. i assume you are a woman, or homemaker in other words, back to your stove. p.s heres a funny joke for you…. womens rights.

      2. tranole says:

        anyone with a display name like "hemanwomanhater" is obviously a troll. i feel bad for you, man. must suck to spend your time spreading pointless hate through the world; to look back upon your acheivements and realise you brought no happiness into other's lives. hope that you conquer your inner demons and learn to be at peace with yourself so that you may have the capacity and ability spread that peace to others in your words and actions.

    7. andrew says:

      this could change the world as we know it its up there with the remote and microwave the guy the invented the little toy was a genius i would love to shake this mans hand i dont even know if i could smoke weed any other way now that ive smoked out of the vagina bong

    8. dan says:

      where do we buy these??

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