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8 Essential Sex Positions for Summer


Whether its on a raft, in the hot tube or frolicking in the waves, here are 8 Essential Sex Positions for Summer.

sex-position-sexy-sprinkle-copy-sex.jpg “Sexy Sprinkler”

3 out of 5 flames on Cosmo’s Carnal Challenge scale.

Save this position for a day (or night) when you two have the backyard to yourselves. Stand beside a soft-spraying sprinkler and bend over so the water hits your ladies genitals. If she can’t reach her hands to the ground, suggest that she places them on her thighs or calves for support. Stand behind her and put your hands around her waist as you enter her.

Click here to master the “Sexy Sprinkler”


sex-position-breaking-the-copy-sex.jpg“Breaking the Waves”

4 out of 5 flames on the Carnal Challenge scale.

Sit down cross-legged at the shoreline or in shallow water. Have your girl straddle your lap with her knees planted on either side of you, as she lowers herself onto your member. Rest her hands on your shoulders, and place your hands on her butt to help her with the ups and downs.

Click here to master “Breaking the Waves”


sex-position-rock-his-boat-sex.jpg“Rock Her Boat”

4 out of 5 flames on the Carnal Challenge scale.

Sit against the side of a small boat. Next, lean back and keep your knees bent and legs apart while resting your arms on the edge of the boat. Get your girl to straddle your lap and let her take your inside of her. She should then carefully lean away from you and place her legs over your shoulders – remember, do this carefully because you don’t want to end up in a mucky lake. Finally, slowly rock back and forth until you both fall into a randy rhythm.

Click here to master “Rock Her Boat”


4 out of 5 flames on the Carnal Challenge scale.

Start by sitting on the bench with your knees bent and legs slightly spread. Leaning back, with your arms outstretched and resting on the edge of the tub. Your girl should straddle you, facing forward, and lowering herself onto your penis, holding on to your shoulders for support. She should keep her knees bent and feet flat as she moves up and down or back and forth.

Click here to master the “Hot-Tub-Hug”


sex-position-surfs-up-sex.jpg“Surf’s Up”

5 out of 5 flames on the Carnal Challenge scale.

This is a tricky pose, and can only be done when the sea is calm (or out past the breakers). Have your girl lie facedown on a surfboard, with her arms and legs outstretched on either side. While standing at her side in waist-deep water, wrap your leg around the board to mount it like a horse and enter her from behind. Once you and the board are steady, stretch out your body, and give the ocean some motion of your own.

Click here to master “Surf’s Up”


sex-position-on-the-edge-sex.jpg“On The Edge”

4 out of 5 flames on the Carnal Challenge scale.

Your girl should lie on her back by the edge of a pool or dock, so her butt hangs over the edge, just above the water. Stand in the water, facing her, then lift her legs and rest them on your shoulders as you enter her. Have her hold on to the edge of the pool or dock for support.

Click here to master “On The Edge”


sex-position-randy-recliner-sex.jpg“Randy Recliner”

3 out of 5 flames on the Carnal Challenge scale.

This move requires a little equipment prep. Find a reclining lawn chair or bench (narrow enough for her to get her legs wound around). Lie down with your arms at your side and legs together. Have your girl face your toes, straddle your lap and plant both feet on the ground. Next, she should back herself down onto your penis, and start moving her hips, back and forth, up and down, and side-to-side — all while you enjoy the killer view of her pivoting posterior.

Click here to master the “Randy Recliner”


sex-position-randy-raft-sex.jpg“Randy Raft”

3 out of 5 flames on the Carnal Challenge scale.

Have her climb onto a well-inflated raft in shallow water, and lie on her stomach with her butt and legs dangling over the edge. Grab on to her thighs, as if you were pushing a wheelbarrow, then take the dive. The best part: pull her incredibly close for the deepest possible penetration.

Click here to master the “Randy Raft”


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