Allison Stokke Is Smokin’ In New Photos


We are stoked about the 14 new photos of pole vaulting hottie Allison Stokke that have just recently surfaced. Stokke, a Cal freshman, looks just as good as she did back in June when she first appeared on the internet. Props to MCP for turning us on to them!

Check out the pictures after the jump!

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    1. AmIblue says:

      Allison, my aim is true…

    2. j says:

      Her arms are jacked compared to the old pics. Wow.

    3. John says:

      check out the UCLA pole vaulting team, that's where the sexy ass is… ill post something soon.

    4. John says:

      Damnit, her legs seem to have gotten fat, and her butt's bigger now too. Has she let herself go?

    5. College Educated says:

      Come on people, it's called the freshman 15 for a reason. And anyone that has been to college knows that it effects women more then men.

    6. Jonze says:

      Come on guys, it's just from them squats and cleans!

    7. maybe this should be says:

      she's kinda fallen off – anyone know some new college hotties?

    8. Lingerie says:

      ehhhh, her old pictures were definitely better:

    9. John says:

      dang, i think shes looking better than ever! she should be in modelling or something, atleast then shed be rich.

      or porn? id pay to watch her "fondle" her stick =P lol, great gal though.

      ps: she doesnt want the attention, perhaps we should leave her alone.

      fuckin hot though

    10. All My Dicks says:

      Sex with her would probably be mind-blowing.

    11. T says:

      I LIKE GIRLS!! IF YOU LIKE THESE PICTURES, GIVE ME A CALL AT 706-886-0928!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    12. vaulting fan says:

      That's sad, Allison was a 9.5 as a senior in high-school but the freshman 15 knocked her way down to a 7 or so. She was so fit, tight bodied and great looking and now she's kinda mannish?

    13. poop says:

      she could probably beat the shit out of me

    14. Travis says:

      you guys are all pissed that she's jacked now? what did you expect to happen when she headed to cal to be a serious pole vaulter? all college athletes do is train or drink when they're not competing hints she's gonna get more jacked and add some weight. big deal she's still bangin

    15. Adam says:

      She still looks pretty.

    16. sam says:

      ……Stokke mea, stokke, mea..

    17. Tina says:

      As a former Division 1 athlete and now a professional athlete, while in college you do bulk up. In high school you do not properly train the way you do at d1 level. She has put on muscle, not fat and by all means she probably is not putting on the freshman 15 bc most athletes do not booze up and she wants to be top pole vaulter I doubt she is boozing, shes probably practiing now more than ever. She is great at her sport and happens to be sexy. Hopefully her great athleticism will not be overshadowed by her sexiness.

    18. ketan says:

      maybe all this publicity is why she's not as lean as before. simply blending in would take away from all the hype. both old and new are still super amazing >_<

    19. mark says:

      get pregnant , make pretty babies

    20. indra says:

      just i say : i like you alison very like you

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