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Megan Fox Topless Girl On Girl Catfight

Megan Fox is a COED favorite, check out her Top 5 Sexiest Internet Moments. The day has finally come where she is upping her sexy level. Hollywoodtuna is reporting some pretty scandelous news about her upcoming film Jennifer’s Body.

Juno director Jason Reitman recently said that they’ve got “Megan Fox and Amanda Seyfried getting into a fight in their underwear” for Jennifer’s Body. says that Reitman revealed even more yesterday on the Howard Stern show, saying that Fox (Transformers) will be appearing topless in a scene in which she has lured a guy into the woods with her. She’ll be wearing a skirt and apparently her hair will cover some parts. [Hollywood Tuna]

This could just be movie hype but if its true the deleted scenes on the DVD should be classic.

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