Lindsay Lohan Poses Nude as Marilyn Monroe

Lindsay Lohan Marilyn Monroe NY Magazine

LiLo and MarMo, together at last.These pictures of Lindsay Lohan recreating Marilyn Monroe’s infamous “The Last Sitting” photoshoot (Monroe died six weeks after the shoot) are a hard sell.

See, Lohan is hot in her own slutastic way – but can she hope to reach the lofty heights of an eternal sexpot like Marilyn Monroe? Of course not.

Marilyn Monroe was not only the sex symbol of her time, but in my opinion the standard of which no sloppy mess like Lohan could ever meet. Extremely hot and knowingly ditzy, Monroe got it – and she maintained it until her untimely death.

Still, nude pictures of Lindsay Lohan are nothing to frown about. Enjoy.

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Lindsay Lohan Poses Nude as Marilyn Monroe Lindsay Lohan Poses Nude as Marilyn Monroe Lindsay Lohan Poses Nude as Marilyn Monroe

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    1. Consumate says:

      I am very sorry but, she will never be even close to Marilyn god damn with all those freckles she could've been sued for doing this photo shoot. Fuck her skanky teenage ass hole she fails at life and at acting

      she's nothing more than a worthless, talentless piece of ugly white trash shit who acts as if she should be proud of the circumstances that have happened in her life that have given her what she has now, and what she will soon squander assuming she already hasn't.

    2. J.Mix says:

      How photo shopped are those pictures?Her nipples vary in size from pic to pic.The dime sized nipple in the picture with the necklace in her mouth looks nothing like the round rather large one's in other shots…Body double??

    3. Becky says:

      Unfortunately, Lindsey, unlike Marilyn, will go down in the margins of history as just another nip-slip, panty-shot, pop-diva drama queen. Marilyn Monroe launched her career by posing nude for Playboy, Lindsay launched her career by singing for Disney and is desperately trying to hold on to her 15 minutes by poorly paying homage to a real cultural icon.

    4. G.S. says:

      L.L.'s name (don't want to even write it out) should not be put in the same sentence and Marilyn's. Marilyn had looks, brains and talent. LL has none of the above. Known mostly for her car crashes and her appearences in a few bad movies, LL will soon be forgotten. Marilyn is a legend who will live on forever.

    5. Vinnie says:

      Oh my god what an offence to the world best Marilyn , how could anyone assosciate this tramp-bitch to the real legend, its appalling , its seriously not amusing at all, these pictures should be banned or even better they should be torn,burnt and let to sink at the bottom of the ocean , im really sorry that this has happened.

    6. PJ says:

      Lol…Marilyn should be turning over in her grave. Ms. L.L. is not even pretty much less a candidate for a "tribute" more like an insult to the beautiful Marilyn.

    7. Editor says:

      so… by the looks of the comment board Monroe has Lohan beat, hmmm not very surprising




      HER STYLE IS UNIQUE================================

      SO SHUT UP———-===============

      HER NEW IMAGE IS GREAT———————–

    9. clint says:

      l.l. is hot ass shit ill beat my meat to her and if she wants a real man from texas call me at 210 325 0855

    10. jesus says:

      she a nasty bitch.


      those aren't photoshopped, you can pick up that issue of "The New Yorker"

      I has it.

    11. […] been nude in a series of super hot shoots for more tragically chic publications – including a turn as Marilyn Monroe, so this isn’t completely shocking, but where does she go from here? I hear most of you […]

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