5 Drinking Games to Break the Ice

Drinking games

We all know that to throw a fantastic party you need more than just a few kegs of beer and some attractive ladies. (Well, not really. Still, drinking games are a must, as they are a sure-fire way to loosen up the vibe. Who doesn’t like an old-fashioned round of quarters?)

Now, with a few choice drinking games you can transform what started out as a social gathering into a wild (and crazy) night of debauchery and shenanigans. Girls skinny dipping, Frank the Tank downing a yard of ale in less than a minute and frivolous copulation with inebriated freshmen!

(Ok, none of those will happen, but just imagine…)

So, without further ado, I present to you: 5 Drinking Games to Break the Ice!

digg_url = \\\’http://digg.com/food_drink/5_Drinking_Games_to_Break_the_Ice\\\’; Beer Pong

* At least 12 pints (or just glasses) of beer
* A ping-pong ball
* A table

The Rules:

There should be two teams – each with at least 6 pints of beer. Each team arranges the pints in a triangle similar to a set of balls on a pool table at either end of the table. Players from each team must then take it in turns to throw the ping-pong ball into the other team’s pints. If they succeed, a member of the other team must down the pint. The empty glass is then removed and the remaining pints are arranged to be as close together as possible and the game continues with each team alternating.

A winner is decided when all the pints on the opposition’s team have been cleared. The losing team must then down any remaining beers left from the winners.


Materials needed:

* An empty glass
* A quarter
* A solid table

The Rules:

Competitors sit around a table (a solid wooden table is best) with an empty glass in the middle of the table. Before the game starts players choose the universal poison for the game, as well as the amount of booze they must drink. Each player must take the quarter and try to bounce it off the table and into the glass. If they succeed they must choose another player at the table to consume the alcohol of choice previously suggested. A turn will end only when the player misses the glass with the quarter.

The game can be made more interesting by allowing shooters who bounce the quarter into the glass 3 times consecutively to develop new rules as the game progresses! If any rules are broken, the guilty party must consume the agreed beverage.

The Jerry Springer

Materials needed:

* Cable TV
* Lots of booze

The Rules:

The rules to the game made famous by the movie BaseketBall are quite simple, but very potent. You first pick your poison. Be it tequila, vodka, ouzo, whisky or absinthe. (Actually, in the interests of your health DON’T use absinthe!). All participants sit watching an episode of Jerry Springer. Every time a fight breaks out you must take a shot of the agreed alcoholic beverage. That’s it. Depending on the show – you could find yourself hammered within about 30 minutes!

Shot Boxing

Materials needed:

* Stopwatch
* 2 shot glasses
* 2 dice
* 4 people
* Lots of beer

The Rules:

This is a head-to-head drinking game with two people helping out each participant as their ‘corner man’. Sitting opposite each other, the contestants roll the die and the person with the lowest amount takes the punch (i.e. a shot). Once they have downed the shot, the corner man quickly fills the glass and the dice are rolled again.

This is a fast paced game played in 3 minute rounds with 30 seconds of rest between each round. You can play till someone quits or pukes but you can also set a limited number of rounds to avoid the cleanup of bodily fluids later!

The Centurion

Materials needed:

* Shot glasses for all contestants
* An unlimited supply of beer
* An extremely strong stomach!

The Rules:

I’ve saved my favorite game for last: The Centurion. The premise of the game is simple. Drink one shot of beer every minute for 100 minutes. In practise however, you’re consuming over 8 pints of beer in just over an hour and a half which will have even the hardest drinker begging for mercy by the end! If a player vomits in the minute between shots they can continue as normal. If a player misses a shot, they can still carry on if they neck the number of shots missed plus an additional forfeit shot! The winner is the last man – or woman – standing!

The crazy Russians make this game even tougher by substituting beer for a spirit, usually vodka, on a certain ‘nth’ shot. E.g. every tenth shot will be vodka!

So there you have it. Although skinny dipping and other scandalous happenings didn’t go down, you got trashed and slept off the sadness. Congrats?



    1. Matt says:

      No tippy cup?

    2. speedstix says:

      Yea, the last game Centurion is bs. A buddy and I finished the 100 shots of beer in 100 minutes and we still made it to the bar. Only downside is you get very bloated.
      Another really fun game is three man. You play with dice, and its sort of like kings but with dice and a few extra rules.

    3. Kevin says:

      Name: Civil War
      2 Teams
      3 people on each team
      3 Cups for each person on each team
      3 ping pong balls
      Balls are placed diamond in front of each player.
      Lots of beer

      The balls are placed in between the cups like in dodgeball. To start the round everyone screams 1,2,3,4 lets start a civil war and you dive in for the balls. The objective is to knock out the enemy by landing a ball in their cup. Once a ball is landed in a players cup that player then must drink what ever is in their cup first in order to shoot a ball again. Once your 3 cups in front of you are out you have to sit. Games usually take about 2-3 minutes. You end up drinking a lot of beer in a very fast amount of time. Enjoy the game.

    4. Austin says:

      Three man is great. instead of the normal quarters try speed quarters.

      Situate everyone in a circle. Give the two quarters(and cups(the cups should be empty)) to two people opposite each other in the circle (or as opposite as possible). Then, say "GO!" and the two people try to bounce their quarters into the their own glass. They get as many tries as it takes and can take as long as they want…BUT when one does make it in, that person passes his/her quarter to the person on their left. Then this person must bounce the quarter
      in. This goes on until a person gets passed a quarter when s/he already has a quarter. This person then drinks. TO decide how much to drink you can have someone who is not drinking spin the quarter and the entire time it's spinning the person who is out has to chug beer. If the person who spun it can stop the quarter with there finger with the quarter still standing up then the drinker has to finish the beer. If you can follow these rules then it is really fun. It sounds complicated but after one time it's a breeze and really great.

    5. asdfdsaf fdsa says:


    6. Jay says:

      FLIP CUP
      at least 2 people ( 4 or more is better)
      even split of 2 teams
      usually with beer
      fill each cup to first line
      you need a long flat table each team on each side of the table.
      ref on one end says go, you pick up the cup chug then put the cup down on the edge and flip the cup with your fingers till it lands rim down, then the next person in the group picks up the cup and so on

      there is also a cup in the middle that is full and the wining team picks someone on the loosing team to chug it, and then PLAY Again!!

      FLIP CUP

    7. Trevor says:

      BS on the centurian rules. Canadian style, you sit in your spot, cannot move from that spot for the remainder of the 100 minutes. you CANNOT puke or pee throughout the game, if you do, you dont join the club. its not fun, and i would never do it again. once your part of the club, thats it.

    8. Drink-a- holic says:

      . . . The best game for starting a party, with a bunch of people who dont really know each other, is a game called F**k you google that

    9. Jay says:

      this sounds like "kings"

      the game F##k you

      This game doesn't have a requirement for people. You can play with 2 people or 12 people it doesnt' matter. You need one or more decks of cards then you put all the cards in the middle like go fish. Then you pick a person to go first and they pick up a card. Then they do what that card means(they are as follows:) A- FUCK YOU ( means that when you get the ace you say fuck you and the last person to say fuck you has to drink) K-rule card ( you make up a rule ex: the 3 D's(drink drank and drunk) if anyone says any of these words then they have to drink) Q-Female's drink( only the women take a drink) J-Male's drink (only the men take a drink) 10- bathroom card ( you keep this card until you have to go to the bathroom, it can only be used once then it is to be put back into the pile. You can only go to the bathroom if you have this card.) 9- thumb card ( When a person picks up this card they put their thumb down it can be on their forhead or the ground but the last person to see this person do it has to take a drink or shot.) 8-you give out eight shots 7-you give out seven shots 6- you give out six shots 5- story time ( the person that picks up this card says a word then the next person repets this work and add's only one more word and you go around your circle doing so until someone fucks up. The person to fuck up has to take a drink. Ex: Player one "Once" Player 2 " Once a" Player 3" once a pon" player 4 " once a pon a" player 5"Once a pon a time") 4-you take four drinks or shots 3-you take three drinks or shots 2-You take two drinks or shots

    10. Jack says:


      What you need:
      One shot glass and a bottle of spirit , or just the bottle .

      The game is played by counting collectively from 1 , say clockwise. When the turn comes for somone to say any number that is a multiple of , or contains the numbers 3 , 5 , or 7 that person has to say bozo instead of that number.
      Each time bozo is spoken the counting chances from clockwise to counter-clockwise or vice-versa.
      Any screw up such as saying the number instead of bozo (or bozo instead of the number) qualifies that person to drink the shot or drink from the bottle.
      Anyone that takes more than 1 second to think about what they have to say , or that isn't paying attention must down the shot.

      The game is usually played only with the numbers 5 and 7 as adding 3 will get everyone instantly hammered.
      If nobody has played the game a couple of times before it's recommended that you play "bolts" instead.
      Bolts is basically the same thing but you only use the number 7 and don't change the counting order upon saying bolts.

    11. Xxsiriusxburnxx says:

      I've played centurion before, expect it wasn't really considered a game and we called it power hour, (ie 60 minutes per session). It was more less something to break the boredem for a couple of hours. It's not as bad as it sounds but its still something fun to keep things rolling when its just a few buddies looking to do something while drinking. Try the movie Green Street Hooligans, not only is it a good movie but try drinking everytime a fight breaks out or a punch is thrown, that tends to be some fun.

    12. Xxsiriusxburnxx says:

      Oh and by the way, Jay the game your playing, most people call it King's Kup, which is also a great game and am suprised its not on your top list.

    13. malph says:

      Actually other than the alcohol content of absinthe I don't see any reason why you would not want to use it for the Jerry Springer. Lucid a brand of absinthe Legal in the United States is 124 proof and contains minuscule amounts of thujone. Thujone being the element of absinthe that caused it to be banned at the turn of the 20th century. It was later discovered that even though thujone was contained within the ingredients used to make absinthe the distilling process removed the harmful chemical from the liqueur.

    14. WiscBadgers says:

      Watch The Big Lebowski,

      Every time anyone says "Dude" take a drink from your beer.

      Everyone gets drunk 30 mins into the movie.

    15. gus says:

      we just sit around and drink and talk to each other.

    16. Hitmon says:

      Find Jesus of Nazerith

      Yes this is a drinking game.
      Granted you have a good number of computers handy, i'd say..2-3..this game is very simple but quick and fun.

      The rules are go to wikipedia.com.
      On the left side of wikipedia, theres a random link button. Click that and the game begins. What you must do then is click 3 links that will hopefully end on the Jesus of Nazerath page.

      You have 15 seconds to skim each article to click a link. There should be atleast one person per computer/contestant counting down the 15 seconds. If the next page is not present within the 15 seconds, that person drinks (usually half a party cup of beer, beer pong style or whatever, they differ lol).

      Now, if and when at the end of the minute you DO reach Jesus of Nazareth page, everyone involved in the game (people at computers competing, counters, or anyone else for that matter) drinks, while you sit and watch the fun (drink to if you want). If you miss, you drink. Simple as that.

      With two-three computers, and 3-4 people per computer this game is fast, and can get you pretty ruined. Try it out :D.

    17. piege says:

      Knights of Buffalo

      The rules are simple,
      -if you catch someone drinking from their right hand (if right handed , left hand if left handed). You have to shout BUFFALO and the person has to down their beer.
      -if you shouted BUFFALO but you were wrong! you down the beer.

    18. Ali B says:

      Hey Jay and Xxsiriusxburnx, We call that game Ring of fire. You place the cards round a glass. One of the cards is a top up card, you add to the glass in the middle, the person to get the 4th of that card downs the shit mix drink in the middle. We also use cards for 'bitch' all the girls and 'bastard' all the guys drink.

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