Megan Fox Wears See-Through Dress

Megan Fox Wears See-Through Dress

Megan Fox (COED’s favorite gal) was photographed at the premiere of Terminator: The Sara Connor Chronicles in a dress that would make any straight man’s head spin. She’s well on her way to becoming the Angelina Jolie of the late 2000’s – and the 2010’s at this rate.

Fox will star in Jennifer’s Body, Diablo Cody’s (Juno) upcoming movie, playing a possessed cheerleader/man-eater. Talk about life imitating art.

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    1. Christian says:

      Oh yes please!

    2. heather says:

      omg she looks like a freakin bobble-head!!! what the hell is she wearing?? wtf is holding up the pouf on top of her head??

    3. luke says:

      when i saw the headline on digg, i was expecting something way hotter than this. she looks like a short porn star, not a classy super star actress. i'm insulted for angelina jolie.

    4. right.... says:

      she looks really beat in that pic above, terrible wardrobe choice, totally kills her hotness…

    5. steven says:

      She is so beautiful.

    6. Even says:

      Who is the blond in the back doing thriller, she looks hot.

    7. E_Mo says:

      Lose the poof. Skinniness+Poof hair=giant looking head

    8. Jason says:

      Ever see "Something About Mary"…that's where the poof comes from.

    9. MurrayC says:

      I'd never thought I'd say this to a woman, but, "Honey? You need to put on some weight!"

    10. Gav says:

      Orange face + no breasts + 12 year old boy's waist = hot, now? Ugh.

    11. Michael Crumpton says:

      Eeek! Her head is to big!
      She was much hotter in transformers.

    12. Neil Miller says:

      Just a quick correction in the article above… Her upcoming film is called Jennifer's Body. I can also say, from having read the script, that her character is topless through much of the first act…

    13. Tim says:

      That can’t be a real picture…it’s the next gen avatar!

    14. diddlepuss says:

      megan fuxx and angie julie are thin, fat-lipped skanks (i'd do them tho and real hard!!!). the blonde in the background is real hot and needs a gud thudpucking!!!!

    15. Joe says:

      To all of you jealous fatty's,

    16. Sivan says:


    17. Rachel1989 says:

      What did you expect? It’s Megan Fox- she always looks skanky with her two inch thick make-up and stripper wardrobe. This is by far the worst thing I’ve seen her wear though. And, Angelina Jolie should be insulted!

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