COED Presents: The Ladies of MySpace

While Facebook has morphed into a leaner, cleaner friend network as of late, MySpace has become over-saturated with no-talent bands looking for record deals and local girls looking for fame, following in the stilettoed footsteps of Tila Tequila. To find the most attractive and worthwhile profiles is a daunting task; it’s far too easy to get lost in ‘Space.

But all hope is not lost, fellow MySpace addicts/stalkers.

After sifting through countless amounts of slow-loading pages and fake webcam profiles COED presents “The Ladies of MySpace.”

View each girl’s gallery and vote for who you think will be the next MySpace superstar.


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— Click the photos to view each girl’s gallery! —


Profile Name: Janis
Age: 23
Location: Naples, FL
College: Florida Gulf Coast University

Janis’ MySpace Link
Friend count: 10,222
Comments: 2,554


Kristen Deluca

Profile Name: Kristen Deluca
Age: 26
Location: Hollywood, CA
College: University of South Florida

Kristen’s MySpace Link
Friend count: 26,621
Comments: 8,409

— Click the photos to view each girl’s gallery! —


jessica barton

Profile Name: Jessica Barton
Age: 24
Location: Orlando, FL
High School: Cocoa Beach High

Jessica’s MySpace Link
Friend count: 84,818
Comments: 9,047

— Click the photos to view each girl’s gallery! —


Michelle Anderson

Profile Name: Michelle Anderson
Age: 25
Location: Los Angeles, CA
College: Unlisted

Michelle’s MySpace Link
Friend count: 237,672
Comments: 47,475


Momma’s gonna kill me

Profile Name: Momma’s Gonna Kill Me
Age: 22
Location: Farmington, CT
College: Unlisted

Momma’s MySpace Profile
Friend count: unlisted
Comments: unlisted

— Click the photos to view each girl’s gallery! —


Pirate Hooker

Profile Name: Pirate Hooker
Age: 22
Location: Ohio
College: Unlisted

Pirate Hooker’s MySpace Profile
Friend count: unlisted
Comments: unlisted


Heidi Cortez

Proile Name: Heidi Cortez
Age: 25
Location: Reno, NV
College: Unlisted

Heidi’s MySpace Profile
Friend count: unlisted
Comments: 29,264

— Click the photos to view each girl’s gallery! —



Profile Name: Kortnie O’Connor
Age: 23
Location: Orange County, CA
College: Unlisted

Kortnie’s MySpace Profile
Friend count: 11,022
Comments: Unlisted



Profile Name: Alina Vacariu
Age: 27
Location: Romania

Alina’s MySpace Profile
Friend count: 1,825
Comments: 945

— Click the photos to view each girl’s gallery! —


DJ Colleen Shannon

Profile Name: DJ Colleen Shannon
Age: 26
Location: California
College: Unlisted

Colleen’s MySpace Profile
Friend count: 5,064
Comments: 256

View Colleen’s topless yet SFW photo shoot video that proves her body is a gift from God!


Carlee Ranger COED

Profile Name: Carlee Ranger
Age: 20
Location: Scottsdale, AZ
College: Arizona State University

Carlee’s MySpace Page
Friend count: 101,071
Comments: 42,594

— Click the photos to view each girl’s gallery! —


Krystal Lina

Name: Krystle Lina
Age: 25
Location: Southern California
College: Unlisted

MySpace Link: http://www.myspace.com/krystlelina
Friend count: 65,632
Comments: 23,962


Who will be the next Myspace Superstar?



    1. ArtByLetters says:

      Jessica Sanchez her space is floggin the viewers 1000's by the DAY shes gone off the hook this YEAR

    2. Christian says:

      Carlee Ranger has a transparent foot! That's pretty cool.

    3. chad says:

      she does! how is that possible?!

    4. mike says:

      u are missing one of the most popular myspace models–the one and only—MANDY LYNN!!

    5. malaki upperdink says:

      In that picture of 'Carlee Ranger' – why does the end of her foot (toes) become transparent as if they're behind the television screen?

      WIth a name like pirate prostitutes how can you go wrong?

    6. galacticlove says:

      If you want to see INCREDIBLE and SEXY WOMEN who Do NOT look like total tramps check out some of the Russian Ladies on this site.

    7. apt94jesse says:

      The Carlee Ranger pic is MESSED UP! She's hot, but its ultra photoshop'd for some reason. Look at the shadows. They're the same on both walls at different distances. The foot is transparent, and the shadow stops at the foot. I think she was taken off a trampoline and put in a room for some reason.

      Man, I have too much time and look at too many pretty girls.

    8. Anonymous Coward says:

      I know one of girls… I would not say she is a tramp.

    9. SuzyMcNuzy says:

      i think dj colleen shannon has the best chance of them all.. maybe cuz she has a talent BESIDES being hot?? and it seems like she already made it…

      wanna see ALOT MORE CHICKS who are trying to 'make it' ?? check out the MISS HIGH TIMES website:
      i'm SpadedSuz

    10. davex says:

      the video in DJ Colleen's section is the best part of the entire article

    11. Brandon says:

      Her foot isn't transparent, its an image from a projector.

    12. Factoid says:

      Colleen Shannon was already in Playboy.

    13. Cherry says:

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      pozgroup.com, you may be interested in some of them.

    14. herpesdating says:

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    15. Jack says:

      While I wouldn't turn down sex with any of them, why do so many (just like Tila and Christina Dolce) have huge implants?
      P.S. I nominate these girls to the list:

      Action Phoebe

      Deus Ex Machina http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=u

    16. Jacinto Pinto Aquino says:

      Cambada de VADIAS VAGABUNDAS !

    17. Tempe12 says:

      All of the hottest college girls in one place http://www.tempe12.com or myspace.com/tempe12

    18. JohnnyT says:

      Heidi Cortez is the ONLY one of these girls that has the whole package. She is real talent. Come on, a book, a radio show, Sunset Tan on E!……

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