COED Presents: Cheerleaders of the BCS Football Championship Teams


In football, a win or loss is determined not by coaching strategy or pure athleticism, but by which team has the hottest cheerleaders.

Sure, some football “purists” would say this is completely insane, but I say pish-posh to that.

Just hear me out:

When you need the homefield crowd to get extra loud, so the opposing offense can’t call last-minute audibles from the line, who do you call? Cheerleaders.

When we need entertainment (in any shape, way or form) during an extended bowl game commercial, who do we call? Cheerleaders.

When the game at hand is incredibly boring, and you need something to lift up your spirits (among other things), who do you call? CHEERLEADERS.

To commemorate an exciting, rollercoaster year in college football (not to mention tonight’s BCS Championship game between LSU and Ohio State) COED gives you The Cheerleaders of the BCS Football Championship Teams. Now you will finally see the real reason why University of Hawaii, USC, Oklahoma University and the others made it to the championship games.

Click the images to view each team’s gallery. Be sure to vote!


University of Illinois
University of Illinois cheerleader

USC Cheerleader nude

Who’s Hotter?

Click the images to view each team’s gallery.
Sugar Bowl header

University of Hawaii
University of Hawaii cheerleader

University of Georgia
University of Georgia cheerleader

Who’s Hotter?

Click the images to view each team’s gallery.
Fiesta bowl header

West Virginia University
w virginia

Oklahoma University
Oklahoma University

Who’s Hotter?

Click the images to view each team’s gallery.
Orange Bowl logo
Kansas University
Kansas University cheerleader

Virginia Tech
Virginia Tech cheerleader

Who’s Hotter?

Click the images to view each team’s gallery.
BCS logo
Ohio State University
Ohio State University cheerleader

Check out Epic Carnival’s smokin’ Ohio State Cheerleader Gallery here

LSU header

Who’s Hotter?

Who’s Hottest Overall?

OSU VS LSU header



    1. Christian says:

      This is now officially my favourite blog. Thank you.

      Christian –

    2. DCScrap says:

      Thanks for the link. Drop me an email when you get a chance. You can find it on the site.

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    4. MIzzou says:

      Where the heck are the Mizzou cheerleaders?

    5. Howard Johnson says:

      How can Oklahoma be rated high with pictures of only 1 Cheerleader? She is pretty cute, but that's kind of pathetic.

    6. Steve Robert says:

      Missouri wasn't in the BCS so it is correct they aren't included here.

    7. willard says:

      the LSU (and all SEC) Cheerleaders are hot, but pull up pictures of the majorettes (LSU and other SEC teams)! Like the USC Song Girls, they are very specialized, and hand picked examples of prime womanhood.

    8. Justine says:

      I just want to thank Co-ed for properly giving cheerleaders the credit they truely deserve! Like they say "Every girl wants to be one and every guys wants to…" well we all know the rest of the saying! lol

      much love,
      SHU Alumni Cheerleader

    9. Maisis says:

      Wow, did you see the abdominals on those Virginia Tech cheerleaders?! If nothing else I give them the highest grade over all just for being the most attractive and physically fit of all the cheerleaders shown here. It's nice to see lean, attractive and healthy looking women as opposed to those who look like the starve themselves in oder to fit into the outfit! :)

    10. Mew says:

      Theyre all pretty damn average and plain to me. I dont understand the whole "cheerleader = hot" factor.

    11. Brannon says:

      You didn't even show the face of the WVU cheerleader. What is that about??

    12. Thunder says:

      I'm a pretty horney dude, so I'd do any and all of the cheerleaders shown. Call me ladies.

    13. Cherry says:

      These babes are so hot. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ By the way, there are many hot forum and blog topic at herpes dating site, you may be interested in some of them.

    14. Bolan says:

      The Oklahomo gurl is really pretty but is that a cheer leader outfit? The "Ho" kies did look awful to much moonshine? The best cheerleader is Courtney Simpson of Arizona State Sun Devil Google her.

    15. AJ says:

      Yea they shoulda posted the face of the WVU cheerleader. She’s now an NFL cheerleader and one of the most gorgeous girls you’ll ever meet.

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